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Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee Endorses Karamo/Pego for MIGOP Chair & Co-Chair!

December 20, 2022

During the Muskegon County Executive Committee meeting on Monday, December 19, the committee unanimously voted for the endorsement of Kristina Karamo & Malinda Pego candidacy for the MIGOP Chair & Co-Chair positions. (See letter of endorsement below).

The Michigan State Convention will take place on February 17 & 18, 2023, where state-wide Precinct Delegates will gather to elect new leadership for the State GOP. Kristina & Malinda are top contenders and the Muskegon GOP Executive Committee believe they are the super duo that will Make Michigan Great Again!

Kristina came on the scene early in 2021 as the grassroots candidate for Secretary of State. She is a proven warrior for the people of the State of Michigan and is unstoppable in her fight for doing what is right and just. Kristina exemplifies honor and integrity in her stance on liberty & freedom.

Malinda has been in leadership with the Muskegon GOP as Vice Chair of the executive committee for the last two terms and has currently been elected to Chair. Because of her tireless dedication, her efforts have taken the Muskegon GOP to new levels of notoriety. The Muskegon County GOP has been among the first to step up to the plate on confronting issues head-on that aimed to threaten our liberties and freedoms, such as creating an Election Committee to investigate suspicious activity in the 2020 election. We have also stood publicly against State Party leadership decisions and actions that went against the Republican Party Platform and/or "We the People."

Both Kristina & Malinda are believers in Christ, which is their foundation in all they do. They both work non-stop to defend & fight against the tyranny that has been taking over our state for "We the People" of Michigan. They are true defenders of freedom and are dedicated to upholding the U.S. Constitution and our traditional Judeo Christian values that is the what the Republican Party Platform stands on.

We are truly grateful to have many freedom fighting leaders amongst us in our great State of Michigan. And, it is an honor to endorse these two champions of righteousness; Kristina Karamo & Malinda Pego for MIGOP Chair & Co-Chair!

Learn more about their plan here:


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