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Resolution to Oppose Senate Bills 474-477 That Seek to Amend the Public Health Code on Abortion Laws

WHEREAS; The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee opposes the deliberate murdering of innocent life, and

WHEREAS; Senate Bills 474-477 have passed committee in the Michigan Senate introducing several amendments to the public health code regarding abortion laws, and

WHEREAS; SB 474 eliminates the term “Health Care Professional,” and license requirements, thereby allowing for non-health care professionals to perform abortions, and

WHEREAS; SB 474 eliminates requirements for after-birth abortion survival care, thus allowing the death of a post-delivery baby, and

WHEREAS; SB 474 eliminates the word “elective,” thereby granting opportunity for forced abortions that will allow advantages for sex-traffickers and other sexual predators, and

WHEREAS; SB 475 eliminates the verbiage “himself/herself” and “his/her,” in domestic violence matters, thereby aligning with the gender neutrality and inclusion of the DEI agenda, and

WHEREAS; SB 476 changes the verbiage in the definition of abortion from “intentional” to “ a medical treatment,” thereby classifying abortion as a medical procedure, presumably in preparation for proposed health insurance coverage, and

WHEREAS; SB 477 allows for abortion referrals to pregnant students on college campuses, whereby the current law as written prohibits such referrals, and

WHEREAS; SB 474-477 is being promoted under the guise as protection for women's

“Reproductive Health Rights,” and

WHEREAS; SB 474-477 instead endangers the reproductive health rights of women by lowering the standards of quality health care,

WHEREAS; SB 474-477 is expected to be on the Senate floor for a vote on Thursday, October 19, 2023 and

WHEREAS; if passed by the Senate and House, Governor Whitmer has clear intentions of signing it into law effective immediately, and

THEREFORE LET IT BE KNOWN; The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee

does not support any legislation that endangers the rights of women, removes access to high quality health care or endorses abortion.

THEREFORE LET IT ALSO BE KNOWN; that a copy of this resolution will be sent to Governor Whitmer & the members of the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives.

Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee October 18, 2023


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