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Statement on the Gotion Battery Plant

April 12, 2023

Statement on the Gotion Battery Plant

The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee opposes the construction and establishment of the Gotion Lithium Battery Plant in Big Rapids, MI, whereby known enemies of the United States of America, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are in partnership and will pose a national security threat to the citizens of Michigan and the United States of America, along with potential environmental risks to our air, water, soil and citizens health.

We hereby rebuke the Gotion Battery Plant, the CCP, Governor Whitmer and all elected officials responsible for agreeing to and taking part in the progression of this deal made between Governor Whitmer and the CCP, which is an act of treason against the people of the State of Michigan and the United States based on the following facts:

National Security Threat to Michigan & the U.S:

  1. The Chinese Communist Party are known enemies of the U.S.

  2. We are currently at war with China economically and facing a potential military war if/when the CCP attacks Taiwan and/or the U.S.

  3. The CCP has been using espionage against Americans by means of technology such as tic-tok and recent spy balloons, in which the U.S. shot down based on national security risks. Another object was shot down over Lake Huron.

  4. The “Party Committee,” consisting of CCP agents, who will be a part of operations at the Gotion plant will be housed at Ferris State University, and where the bylaws of the company demand allegiance to the “Constitution of the Communist Party of China” and one of their main goals is oversee the growth of the “Communist Youth League and other mass work of the Company”.

  5. U.S. Military experts and other experts on China claim that China is preparing for a war with the U.S. based on their recent activity; spy balloons, laser lights, etc.

Environmental & Humanitarian Risks:

  1. Mining for lithium and production of lithium batteries produces extreme pollutants and is a danger to the environment.

  2. There are no universal or unified standards for waste disposal of lithium batteries.

  3. Dangers of improper production and disposal include contamination of water, soil, air and humans, as well as fire and explosion risks.

  4. Lithium batteries contain dangerous levels of lead, whereby lead dust is inhaled by employees building the batteries and leaches out of the batteries when disposed of and/or recycled, among exposures to other highly toxic metals.

  5. In 2011, China closed 583 lithium factories due to poisoning in neighboring communities.

  6. Surrounding neighborhoods, Muskegon River and Lake Michigan are at risk of being poisoned, thus endangering our fresh water supplies.

  7. Most of the lithium is mined in China, thereby further aiding China economically and in pollution dominance.

  8. China uses child and slave labor.

On February 21, 2023, The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee unanimously approved a Resolution opposing the Gotion Battery Plant. Click here to read the resolution.


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