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The Democrats' Destruction of the Dollar

By Chip Chipman

January 17, 2021

The United States has printed more money in June 2020 than it had in its first two centuries of existence— That was with a GOP Executive Branch, and a GOP controlled Senate.

The graph above shows the mind boggling amount of additional dollars that have entered circulation in the past year. An increase of nearly 2,400B. With the Democrats in control of the Federal Government, this is just the beginning.

Universal Basic Income (UBI), Disguised As Economic Stimulus

With the Democrat Party on path to be in control of both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch, many of their desired policies that the GOP had successfully blocked for years will likely move forward unimpeded.

The expected first and most popular proposal of the Democrats are regular stimulus payments of $2000 plus.

The Democrats have listened and learned from their upstart Andrew Yang, who gained massive popularity with his proposed Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposal back in the Democratic Primary.

Having sensed the opportunity of crisis with the pandemic, the Democrats realized they had the ingredients to make the American people bend to their will in a way never before seen by making them fully dependent on the government for their livelihood.

Step 1: Break The Legs Of Business

The biggest problem with Andrew Yang’s UBI proposal was the fact that most Americans still took pride in the freedom of creating their own lives, and businesses. They didn’t want a handout, they just wanted the freedom to create value in the marketplace for their fellow citizens.

Then came the lockdowns. CNBC reported in September that as much as 60% of small businesses forced to close down to Covid have closed down permanently. With the possibility of nationwide lockdowns and mandates now, we can expect that percentage to become depressingly higher.

Where there was once pride in small town America in it’s businesses, we now see panic, desperation, and fear.

Step 2: Panem et Circenses

Business owners and regular hard working Americans who previously would never have wanted a handout were now faced with the reality that they needed one to survive— not because of a virus, but because of the government’s totalitarian approach in handling it.

Like the other great Republic of history, Rome, America too seems to be following down the path towards a superficial hollow culture and governance. One which is not based upon creation and value, but of consumption and desperation.

Through the brilliant, blatant, and evil political manipulation of those in power, our once proud citizenry is forced to come to those who destroyed them to save them.

That salvation comes with a price.

You Can Ignore Reality, But You Cannot Ignore The Effects of Ignoring Reality

With no more businesses or employees to tax, and having to fund student loan forgiveness, regular stimulus payments, and everything else, the government will be left with one option to fund it’s self indulgent policies—print more dollars.

Currency is not the basis of wealth. It is only a unit of measurement. Countless nations have fallen under the false impression that currency is wealth though, and have suffered direly for it.

The most prominent modern examples being Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. The former reached 10,000,000% inflation in 2019. Two nations that were once great until they followed the same dangerous path of destruction, we appear to be running towards.

What will the future hold? What Can We Do?

It is inevitable with the policies taken in 2020 that we will see inflation in the United States. The only question is to which extent, so what do we do?

Personally, I will speak out against the unsound economic policies of the government at every level in our nation. I will seek to actively help create wealth in our communities by volunteering, working, creating, and supporting my fellow citizens who do the same.

I will begrudgingly take the “benefits” handed to me by the government, and try to convert as much of my recovered wealth as possible to physical assets to hedge against the inflation of the dollar that will only accelerate.

I will support those in the Republican Party who are bold enough, brave enough, and smart enough to fight back against the cancerous culture of consumption and appeasement to the masses that has overtaken governance.

I will love my neighbor, and try to educate them, and help them in this time of great difficulty, so they know they do not have to look towards the swamp for relief.

I encourage you all to do the same, and join me as we fight to Make America Great Again!


Chip Chipman was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. He has a BA in History from the University of Michigan, where he was often known to stir up trouble on the notoriously liberal campus. After graduation he lived and worked in Washington DC, as a fundraiser before returning to Michigan to pursue a career in sales. He is a Veteran of the Michigan Army National Guard and a Precinct Delegate for the Muskegon GOP.


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