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Things to Consider When Voting on May 2, 2023

Tuesday, May 2nd is a county-wide election to include millage renewals and bond proposals. The millage renewals are being requested by MAISD on behalf of every school district in Muskegon County. It is important that you know what these proposals will be used for before you make a decision and vote.

*If you have already voted by absentee ballot and change your mind on how you voted talk to your clerk about details.

To view a sample ballot for your district, click here.

The millage proposals are not new tax levies, rather they are millages voters approved several years ago and are currently paying on through property taxes, however, they are expiring this year.

The schools are asking for a millage renewal for the purposes of acquiring technological and safety upgrades. Although no-one is opposed to keeping our kids safe while at school, it has been confirmed by multiple schools that these upgrades will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) consisting of facial recognition and possible "mood detection" capabilities that can alert the proper officials of "potential threats." What is concerning about this is that it is similar to CCP style surveillance & tracking methods. But why would anyone vote no regarding the safety of our children?

From a conservative prospective on millages, our property taxes increased last year and they are going to increase again this year due to inflation. Also, schools automatically receive an increase when our taxes go up because their funding is based on a percentage, not a set budgeted amount of dollars.

While millages may not affect some people, they hurt others. Many families are currently struggling to purchase gas and groceries and keep up with their mortgage and utility payments. Voting down the millages can help struggling families, and especially seniors who live on a fixed income. A decrease in property taxes could be the difference between going without medication or food. Even if you live in an apartment, you are paying property taxes through your rent. Property taxes affect how much you pay for rent every month and when they go up, your landlord raises the rent to cover it. Let's face it, everybody could use a little relief right now, especially when food and gas prices are on the rise again.

Here are a few things to consider before making your decision when voting:

  • Where are they using the money and how do students benefit? Really think about this and past actions.

  • Where is all the covid money they received while students were at home struggling?

  • Did they respect you or your student during covid years? Because now they want more of your money.

  • What will districts do with AI technology? They call it security, but will it be invasive?

  • Does your school board listen to parents wishes and concerns, or their own agenda?

  • Does your school district share your values? If not, do you want to continue giving your money to institutions that spend towards things you directly disagree with?

  • Is your school transparent with parents? Do they value traditional families?

  • Does your school send out sexual surveys to students without parents' knowledge, and are there sexually explicit books in your school's library?

  • Are they teaching CRT or other re-labeled versions?

  • Are they allowing males to share female bathrooms & locker rooms? Are they permitting males to play on female sports teams?

  • How do they use your money now?

  • Should they receive more of your money?

There are many reasons to vote no on millages. Consider all perspectives before you vote on May 2.

Click here to see a sample ballot for your school district and whether it also includes a bond proposal.


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