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Why Become a Member of the GOP and a Precinct Delegate?

There are multiple reasons why you should become a member of the Muskegon County GOP, if you are not already. We support the traditional platform of values that the Republican Party was founded on and we work hard to keep those values in check. These values include:

  • Liberty

  • Freedom of Action

  • Individual responsibility and accountability

  • Constitutional rights of individuals

  • Free markets and capitalism

  • Limited Government

  • Federalism

  • Constitutional limitations of Government

  • Taxes limited by constitutional functions

  • Fiscal responsibility

  • Transparency of Government actions

We are like-minded in that we believe the Constitution to be the Supreme Law of the Land that secures our liberties and freedoms granted to us by God. As a valued member, you are helping to support these principles and defend the Constitution by having influence in your community, county and state.

Our main objective is to find and promote honorable candidates that will uphold the Constitution and their oath in doing what is right for the citizens of Muskegon and Michigan, and will defend our liberties and freedoms. Rest assured, your membership fees and donations do not go to fund campaigns, but provide us with the overhead needed to run the day-to-day operations such as office space, phones, signs, a communications platform, events and provide training and support for candidates who are entering the political arena for the first time as well as support for those who have experience.

In the past two years, it has been evident that our liberties and freedoms are in grave danger as the Democrats have been pushing a socialist/communist agenda on us all. Many conservatives, most who have never been involved in politics, are waking up and stepping into the battle. As a team, we have been able to push back on these agenda's with success in Muskegon County. But, it takes good patriots like yourselves to get involved. As a member, we are able to keep you informed of un-constitutional issues arising in the county and state where you can have influence by making public comment, calling political officials or emailing them. You will have access to exclusive GOP events like the Lincoln Day Dinner, and will be informed of other events happening locally and through out the state. You can speak your concerns and make requests during the GOP executive committee meetings. You're able to join sub-committees (see list of committees below) and be a part of the operations first hand. If you decide to run for an office, whether local, state or congressional, you will have guidance, coaching, training and support along every step. As a team, we educate and inform our fellow citizens on current issues effecting our communities and county to better protect and defend our liberties.

We make sure to use your membership funds in a fiscally responsible way, by utilizing the best resources at a reasonable cost with a system of checks and balances in place by way of our executive committee.

List of Our Committee's:

  • Candidate Committee; help recruit and train and support candidates

  • Elections Committee; help to reclaim election integrity, sign up election inspectors, poll challengers, watchers, etc.

  • Out-reach Committee; help with phone calls, placing yard signs, sending out immediate updates and alerts via email, etc.

  • Communications Committee; writing informative articles, email blasts, social media, graphic design, etc.

  • Events Committee; planning and coordinating our events and fundraisers

All of our committee's could use your help! If any of these interest you, please click here for more info.

What is a Precinct Delegate?

Most people are confused on exactly what a precinct delegate is. A precinct delegate is an elected official and is the smallest political unit in the county, but with the most powerful influence. The precinct is where elections are won and lost. It is your neighborhood. You know the people and you know what issues are most important to them.

The role of a precinct delegate is the most important, yet least understood of any elected office. Precinct delegates serve as a bridge between the Republicans in your neighborhood and the Republican Party. Additionally, each precinct delegate represents their neighborhood at GOP meetings.

However, the Most Important role of a delegate is during a major election year. It is the active precinct delegate who wins elections for the Republican Party. This happens when county conventions are held that will determine which elected delegates will go to the Michigan Republican State Convention. These conventions may also debate or adopt resolutions for recommendation to the Republican State Convention’s platform committee.

At the state convention, delegates will debate and adopt a platform, nominate candidates for Supreme Court Justices, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Board of Education, and university boards.

Another State Convention is held to determine which delegates will be represented for the Republican candidate in the Electoral college.

What Other Roles do Precinct Delegates Have?

After Election Day, precinct delegates have another responsibility. Precinct delegates will convene in county conventions to elect or re-elect GOP executive committees and officers to serve through the next general election.

There they will also elect delegates to the next state convention where new state party officers and a new state central committee will be chosen to serve for the next 2 years.

Transferring of Power

Over the past century, the power of "We the People" has shifted to "We the Government." This is what our Founding Father's warned us about and why the Constitution is so important in keeping sacred and continue to be held as the Supreme Law of the Land. In Muskegon County, the Republican Party has flipped the pyramid, giving the power back to the people; aka, delegates. As a delegate, your opinion is what matters concerning your community and the executive committee values it. Delegates dictate and guide what happens in the GOP. We are a party "Of the People and For the People," not above the people. We see government as being at the bottom of the pyramid.

How to Become a Precinct Delegate

Each precinct is allotted precinct delegates based on past Republican voting strength. Your district or county chair or vice chair, Zach Lahring and Malinda Pego, will be able to tell you how many delegate positions have been allocated to your precinct. Currently, there are 400 openings in Muskegon County. Precinct delegate candidates file an Affidavit of Identity to get on the ballot, and it must be notarized. The Muskegon GOP has affidavits and notaries available for you at our office (2330 Barclay, Muskegon Mi 49440) or you can pick one up at a meeting or event.

A precinct delegate can be elected with just one vote, and you can vote for yourself. The election occurs at the County Convention (this year's county convention TBA).

Join Us Today!

I hope this information helps to clarify what it means and the importance of being a member of the Muskegon County Republican Party and a Precinct Delegate We encourage you to check out the memberships on our webpage at and look over the different membership packages available along with the benefits included in each level. Join Today! If you were a member in 2021, it is time to renew your membership for 2022!

If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Delegate, please click here for more information or email us at