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About the Muskegon County Republican Party


Provide an organization dedicated to supporting candidates and elected officials that adhere to the core principles and values of the Muskegon Republican Party.



Develop an organization capable of: Effectively communicating the core principles and values; recruiting and educating viable candidates for public office; providing financial and personnel support to candidates during elections; providing support to elected officials that adhere to the principles and values of the Muskegon County Republican Party and adamant opposition to those elected officials that do not adhere to our principles and values.


We Believe:

The rights of man are inherent in nature, not derived from government; Government is the servant of her people, not the master; Wealth and prosperity are derived from the private sector through the principles of free market, not by government action; Individuals are responsible and accountable for their own actions: Each individual has equal rights, justice and opportunities, regardless of race, creed, gender, age or disability; In a decentralized government: Bringing Government closer to the people; stimulating greater efficiency and honesty to insure we provide effective, responsible and responsive governing; In the Constitution of the United States providing for contractual limitations on the role of government at both federal and state level; Government is limited to legitimate Constitutional functions and will not expend resources except in support of these functions; Taxes are the means to provide resources to fund legitimate Constitutional functions of the US Government and as such shall be limited to those legitimate Constitutional functions, and shall be fairly and equitably borne by the people; The role of local state and federal elected officials is to advocate for the people solely within the areas of their legitimate government function, and they have a duty to be fiscally responsible with public resources; Government is responsible to the people and therefore all government discussions, negotiations and decisions shall be subject to public scrutiny.


  • Liberty

  • Freedom of Action

  • Individual Responsibility and Accountability

  • Constitutional rights of individuals

  • Free Markets and Capitalism

  • Limited Government

  • Federalism

  • Constitutional limitations of Government

  • Taxes limited by constitutional functions

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Transparency of government actions.


The Muskegon Republican Party will:

Honor and Defend the Constitution of the United States.  We will discover and promote to office those candidates who we trust shall abide by their Oath of Office; adhere to the Constitution of the United States; fulfill the duties of their office with Honor; and abide by the principles of the Muskegon County GOP and the Republican Party Platform. We will educate and inform our fellow citizens so that we are better able to protect the Liberty of all.


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