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We are building a dream team of highly-equipped grassroots volunteers and local candidates to influence our government on all levels. We NEVER stop working.


If you are tired of arguing with people on social media, and want to change the course of history, back to the conservative, constitutional roots that made this country great, then the Muskegon GOP is a highly effective vehicle on your road to make that change.

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A Winning Strategy

There are myriad tasks and ways to get involved that to keep people busy, but to be highly effective we focus the single most important role that you can fulfill that, if done properly, will bring great transform.

What is a Precinct Delegate?

These are the building blocks of the entire Republican Party. In the past the significance of precinct delegates has not been fully harnessed, and the party has suffered as a result. Those days are over, and now more than ever, we are equipping and training delegates to take responsibility for a small territory in their community. If you are a Precinct Delegate you are a bridge between the Muskegon GOP and your community.


Precinct Delegates are elected, by the precinct in which they reside, to represent their communities in the Republican Party. These delegates in turn attend three county conventions: One to elect party leadership on the county level, and possibly on the state level if they are elevated to the Michigan Republican State Convention. Another State Convention is held to determine which delegates will be represented for the Republican candidate in the Electoral college. More about Precinct Delegates HERE.

Building Precinct Delegate Teams

Muskegon County has 67 Precincts, with openings for Multiple Delegates in most precincts. This allows us to recruit teams of Precinct Delegates in each precinct to work together to achieve transformation in each precinct. The first goal of a precinct delegate, besides completing training, is to recruit other delegates to work along side them in their districts and encourage them to amass training and skills for success in their precinct. This is our foundation for a winning strategy to champion constitutional liberties and conservatism in Muskegon County. 

Precinct Delegate Skills

The following are extremely valuable skills for highly effective Precinct Delegates.

  1. Become a Certified Election Inspector - This allows you to become a paid election worker and help ensure election integrity from the inside of election operations. This is especially important when counting absentee ballots.

  2. Become a GOP accredited Poll Challenger - This gives us the ability to legally hold poll workers accountable by challenging and documenting questionable ballots and election day activities.

  3. Become a notary public - Critical for gathering affidavits, legally certifying witness testimonies, efficiently recruiting local candidates and fellow precinct delegates.

  4. Community Watchdog - Attend and document the activities of local government board meetings (City, Township, School District, County Commissioner). Usually held once per month, these are opportunities to expose local issues that we can come together and affect as a team.

Core Skills

If you possess the soft skills needed for excellent customer service, and basic computer, organizational, time management skills there are tremendous opportunities to make a difference.

Specialized Skills

If you are skilled in sales, graphic design, video production, web design, journalism, editing, event/project management, data analysis/management, accounting, or your a lawyer, paralegal, or even a notary public, we have key positions available for you.

From distributing and displaying yard signs to helping organize events, there are many opportunities to volunteer year round.  We are recruiting and encouraging interested Republicans to join one of our Operational Committees: Voter Integrity, Budget & Finance, Events & Activities, Communications, Membership, and By-Laws.

Many local opportunities are available in our community and we need strong Constitutional and conservative people to lead the way in elected offices and positions, from Precinct Delegates to Township and County offices.  It is time to grow our local Muskegon Republican Committee even more, with strong patriots that promote the values of the Republican Party platform.

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