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What is a Poll Challenger

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We Need Your Eyes & Ears

Voter fraud has been exposed at increasing rates, ballots have been found in dumpsters and ditches, and Democrat politicians are trying to delay final ballot counting beyond election day to presumably rig the election.

With all of these threats, we need your help to fill POLL CHALLENGER vacancies in Muskegon County.

We CANNOT protect election integrity without eyes and ears, like yours, on the ground. Will you partner with us to save our elections?



Q: What is a Poll Challenger?

A: An inspector trained and reappointed by the state party to ensure election procedures are being followed and to challenge questionable ballots or suspicious activities according to the directives from the State Party. Poll challengers may NOT communicate with voters, but can speak to poll workers.

Q: Can I choose where I serve?

A: Preferences will be taken into consideration when assigning locations, and are often accommodated, however, you may be placed wherever you are needed most.

Q: Can I work a full day or half day?

A: You may choose to either work:

7 AM - 2 PM for the first half of the day 

2 PM - 9 PM (or after all ballots are tabulated)

7 AM - 9 PM for the whole day

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