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Double Header Hit for Muskegon GOP; Tudor Dixon/Donald Trump Jr., & Freedom Round-Up ReCap

By Michelle Hazekamp

September 25, 2022

Donald Trump Jr. & Kellyanne Conway Visit Muskegon!

Donald Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway graced Muskegon County with a special appearance Friday, September 23 as nearly 700 people crowded the lawn at the Muskegon County GOP office, located at the Barclay Place Event Center. Confirmed only a few days prior, many from all over the state came to see these two conservative champions in what was a last minute, surprise visit to Muskegon County during a campaign tour to help support and promote our Governor candidate, Tudor Dixon.

Celebrating Constitution Week

Friday evening was previously reserved for the Muskegon GOP's annual Freedom Round-UP fundraiser event, in celebration of Constitution Week, which is celebrated every year from September 17th - 23rd, with September 17 being declared "Constitution Day." It was officially enacted on August 2, 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower from a congressional resolution drafted by the Daughters of the American Revolution, but it was George W. Bush who officially declared the inception of Constitution Week in September, 2002. The purpose of the week in observance is to promote the study and education of the United States Constitution.

A Time for Fellowship

Freedom Round-UP is one of the GOP's more relaxed fundraiser events, where everyone is encouraged to dress in patriotic attire and the meal is provided by one of our local food truck companies, with this year's provider being Holy Smokers . Even though guest speakers are still the highlight, this event is typically more of a social setting for fellowship amongst Republicans. Our special guests speakers included Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State and John Gibbs for the 3rd Congressional District.

Freedom Round-Up in Jeopardy

Just days prior to the Freedom Round-Up event, GOP officials were informed that Don Jr. was going to be in Michigan on Friday to support and promote Tudor Dixon along with our other top state candidates, Kristina Karamo, John Gibbs & Matt DePerno. The surprise visit and timing of Don Jr. however, began to interfere with the scheduling of our guest speakers for the Freedom Round-Up event by way of another potential fundraiser scheduled to occur at the same time. Malinda Pego, Vice Chair of the Muskegon County GOP, took quick action and moved mountains to arrange a guest appearance here in Muskegon and combine it with the Freedom Round-Up event. At that time, we had no idea that Kellyanne Conway was also going to be present until Thursday evening, adding to the surprise and excitement.

Perfect Timing!

As patriots who love and honor our Constitution, we could not have asked for better timing to have two national patriots such as Don Jr. and Kelley Ann Conway speak at Muskegon County's Constitution celebration! We also heard from our very own, next Governor of Michigan, Tudor Dixon along with Kristina Karamo and John Gibbs. Special guests included former Governor, John Engler, Senator Jon Bumstead (34th District), United States Congressman John Moolenaar (4th District.)

Whitmer Lacks Intelligence

While in the White House as President Trump's advisor, Kellyanne reminisced over meetings and phone calls with Governor Whitmer during the pandemic, noting that Whitmer does not exhibit having a high intelligence. Kellyanne expressed Whitmer's intentions of moving up the ladder in politics to the White House, and how she was expecting to be Biden's Vice President pick. She also pointed out the embarrassing fact that Biden chose Kamala Harris of all people over Whitmer, showing how much more of a joke and disgrace our governor really is. Tudor expanded on all the damage and destruction Whitmer has done to our state, giving primary focus to the education failures. Tudor also expanded on her plans for education in Michigan and getting teachers to teach "curriculum," not CRT.

Don Jr. & the Hypocrisy of the Socialist Left

Donald Trump Jr. ended the special event by speaking on the crazy and insane policies of the far left. He brought up the FBI raid on his father's home at Mar a Lago, and pointed out the hypocrisy, whereby this was an issue of classified information in the President's possession, yet the FBI released pictures of these so-called "classified" documents to the Washington Post the next day. Don Jr. also reminisced over the last 6 years and the continuous attacks on President Trump and his family. Although these are serious issues threatening our nation as a whole, Don Jr. was very down to earth and gave us many good laughs through it all, keeping us in good spirits. However, he did stress the importance of standing up and fighting for our freedoms against the insanity of this regime, as the "social left" does intend on making us a socialist/communist nation.

Freedom Round-UP Begins

After the special event with Don Jr. and Kellyanne Conway, the Freedom Round-Up event officially began as people moved from the outside lawn to inside the event center. Attendee's socialized and talked of what a great honor it was that Donald Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway were willing to take time from their schedule and stop in Muskegon, MI to speak to us.

John Gibbs Will Fight for Us in Congress!

As people got their meals from Holy Smokers and began to settle down and eat, John Gibbs, who is running for United States Congress to represent the 3rd District, was introduced once again to reinforce his conservative position and willingness to not only fight for the people of Michigan, but also for this nation. John Gibbs worked for the Trump administration under Dr. Ben Carson and the Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, and is endorsed by President Trump. John has first hand experience in dealing with the far left and their insane policies. We were also honored by the presence of Johns mother, who is becoming more of a celebrity than him after appearing in Johns new commercial.

Click here for more info on John Gibbs.

Imploding with Power!

Kristina Karamo gave a strong, heart-felt empowering speech as usual. Her commitment to civil service and doing what is right for we the people and the state of Michigan is un-matched as her message implodes with an overwhelming power while she speaks. Kristina is full of passion when it comes to servitude and will fix our entire system at all levels of the Secretary of State offices by putting integrity back into our elections and ensure the services offered run efficiently across the state. Kristina is a "key" candidate in this election and must win in order to protect and secure our election process and voting rights now and for future generations.

For more info on Kristina, click here.

Vote NO on the Proposals!

Deb Null, Director for Muskegon Pregnancy Servies and Chair of the GOP Events Committee ended with an informational speech on proposal 3, the Reproductive Freedom for All Amendment. Proposal 3 will be on the November 8 ballot, and if it passes, will remove all parental rights on abortion, transgender hormone therapies and surgeries, amongst many other horrible atrocities. This November, there will be three proposals on the ballot that are all equally deceiving. Get informed on these proposals and educate others! To acquire more information on Proposals 1, 2 & 3 that will be on the ballot, visit Faith2Action and the Unborn Equity & Voting Integrity Alliance.

Local Candidates in Attendance

Freedom Round-Up gave opportunities to meet other local candidates who were also present, such as Tammy Vrosh, candidate for Mona Shores School Board and Michelle Hazekamp, candidate for Muskegon County Commissioner (3rd District). Incumbent candidates for County Commission present were Kim Cyr (District 1), Zach Lahring (District 2) and Doug Brown, (District 6). Also present was Senator Jon Bumstead who is running for re-election in our 34th District, Congressman John Moolenaar who is currently running for US House of Representatives in our 2nd Congressional District, State Representative Luke Meerman, incumbent running for Michigan State House of Representatives in our 89th District and Matt Kacel for Muskegon County Circuit Court Judge.

Blessings All Around

As the evening came to a close, we were in awe over what a fantastic event this was, and a great blessing to have had an opportunity to participate in such a historical moment. A special thanks goes out to our County Commissioner and Vice Chair of the Muskegon GOP, Malinda Pego for her ability to turn unforeseen circumstances into an opportunity of a life-time. Also a huge thank you of appreciation to the Muskegon County GOP's Events & Outreach Committees, who worked tirelessly to make this a fun and memorable event!

James, 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

For website links and more information on State & Local Candidates, click here.


Michelle Hazekamp is a Muskegon County business owner and a candidate for Muskegon County Commissioner. She is also the Chair of the Communications Committee for the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee. Michelle is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelorette in Science and a minor in History.