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November 2022 Election: State-Wide & County Candidate List

As we move forward with our official Republican Nominee's for the November 2022 General Election ballot, a list is provided below for all state & Muskegon County candidates running for office along with website information. It is vital that we support these candidates in order to defeat Whitmer, Nessel & Benson, and take over Congress, the House & Senate.

Many of these candidates are in need of campaign donations and volunteers. Winning a campaign is expensive and your contributions, either financially or by volunteering, can help secure a victory. Visit their individual websites for donating and volunteer opportunities. (Some candidates do not have websites available at this time. Check often for updates.)

Let's work towards a "Red Wave Victory" this November!

State-Wide Candidates


Tudor Dixon -

Lt. Governor - Shane Hernandez

Attorney General

Matt DePerno -

Secretary of State

Kristina Karamo -

State Board of Education

Tamara Carlone -

Linda Lee Tarver

University of Michigan Board of Regents

Lena Epstein -

Sevag Vartanian -

Michigan State Board of Trustees

Mike Balow -

Travis Menge -

Wayne State University Board of Governors

Craig Wilsher -

Christa Murphy -

Justices to the Michigan Supreme Court

Brian Zahra -

Paul Hudson -

Congressional/State Candidates:

United States Congress

2nd District - John Moolenaar

3rd District - John Gibbs

State Senate

32nd District - Jon Bumstead

33rd District - Rick Outman

State House Representative

87th District - Michael Haueisen

88th District - Greg VanWoerkom

89th District - Luke Meerman

102nd District - Curt Vanderwall

Muskegon County Candidates:

County Commissioners

District 2 - Zach Lahring

District 3 - Michelle Hazekamp

District 4 - Dan Potts

District 5 - David Dursema

District 6 - Doug Brown

District 7 - Steve Null

Michigan Court of Appeals

Judge Ray Voet -

14th Circuit Court Judge

Matt Kacel -

14th Circuit Court Judge

Jason Kolkema

Muskegon Community College School Board

Tom Linacre

Mona Shores School Board

Tammy Vrosh

Aaron Eckert

Christopher Horvath

Whitehall School Board

Tim Cross

Tom Zeimer

Fruitport School Board

Stan Piotrowski

Reeths Puffer School Board

Michelle Mixa

Bill Ryder

Kathy Richardson ( write-in)

North Muskegon School Board

Thomas Lack

Jessica Reid

Oakridge School Board

Brandon Vandonkelaar

George W. Tindall

Montague School Board

Joel Smith

Karen Neubauer

Ravenna School Board

Joshua Emery

Ryan Anderson

Grant School Board

Ken Thorne

Richard Vance

Sabrina Veltkamp

Grand Haven School Board

Tommy VanHill

Roger Williams

Thomas Hoekstra II

Kent City School Board

Duane Gritter

William Mohr II

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Brian Allred
Brian Allred
Aug 30, 2022

Thanks Michelle!

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