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The Pat Camp 2023 Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient

By, Michelle Hazekamp


Malinda Pego presenting Bonnie Kellogg with the "Pat Camp Volunteer of the Year Award."

Each year, the "Pat Camp Volunteer of the Year Award" is presented to an individual who has served the GOP with relentless dedication, selfless devotion & integrity. This year our recipient is our Election Committee Chairwoman, Bonnie Kellogg!

The award is usually presented at our Annual Christmas Party, however, Bonnie was unable to attend this year. Instead, we waited to present it at our monthly executive committee meeting on January 18, 2024.

Bonnie has been a devoted member of the Muskegon County Republicans for many years. She has been a part of many committees and endeavors . She's been a part of securing our elections since the 2020 Presidential Election, where she became an integral part of creating our "Elections Committee" within the Muskegon County GOP, after witnessing suspicious activity during the election along with nation-wide claims of election fraud.

The Muskegon County GOP Election Committee wasted no time and immediately began an investigation into our local county election, which resulted in a 24 page report, "Anomalies Found in the Muskegon County 2020 Election," filled with shocking revelations. Since then, Bonnie has worked fiercely on election integrity goals, resulting in her leadership position as Chairwoman of the Election Committee. Bonnie oversee's many other hard working volunteers and is greatly respected by us all.

Some of Bonnie's achievements include countless hours cleaning out the QVR (Qualified Voter Roll), canvassing, attending an endless entourage of meetings, keeping up to date on current election laws and doing her best to keep the public informed on new information and election worker trainings. Bonnie was also recently elected as our new Republican Member of the Muskegon County Board of Canvassers. We cannot over-state the amount of hard work and time Bonnie and our elections team has put into making sure our elections are fair.

Bonnie Kellogg is a true treasure & inspiration for Muskegon County and our state. She is a United States Air Force Veteran and she continues to fight for us relentlessly to safeguard the integrity of our election system and our right to vote. Many do not realize how important our elections are to maintaining our freedoms; without fair elections, we ultimately lose those freedoms and life as we know it.

Congratulations and Thank You to Bonnie Kellogg for her dedicated, hard work towards preserving freedom for our future generations!


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