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Anomalies Found in the Muskegon County 2020 Election! Read the Full Report Here!

By, Michelle Hazekamp

Special thanks to spokesman, Chris Kaijala

May 12, 2022

Investigation and report provided by the

Muskegon County GOP Elections Committee

-August 9, 2023: In light of the recent exposure to voter fraud in Muskegon County that occurred during the 2020 Presidential Election, the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee has decided to resurface the "Muskegon County Election Report." This report was written by the GOP Election Committee after their own investigations into the 2020 election in Muskegon County, first published in May, 2022. We want to thank our Election Committee team for all their effort and hard work in gathering and compiling this data, along with their continued work towards integrity in our elections. These "anomalies" found in the Muskegon County 2020 election were ignored by our County Clerk, Sheriff and the County of Muskegon. Please read the original article below published May of 2022, written after the cumulation of information came together to create the Muskegon County Election Report (attached below).

(Suggested read: "Peeling Back the Rotten Michigan Inion," written by Capt. Seth Keshel, who also gives a good detailed breakdown of the 2020 election in both Muskegon & the state).

Silhouette of a hand placing a ballot into a ballot box

An investigation of the 2020 Presidential Election in Muskegon County has been ongoing for the past 14 months surrounding suspicious outcomes that occurred during and after the 2020 election. Immediately after the election, an Election Committee was formed by the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee in an effort to look into the Muskegon County election. The Elections Committee, along with many devoted volunteers has put forth hundreds of hours into investigating Qualified Voter Files (QVF), voter registrations, canvassing and statistical trends from prior years. What they found will shock you, and more so, infuriate you! Read Full Report Here.

Two men boarding up windows while Republican pol challengers are shut out and looking in from the outside, unable to fulfill their duties.
TCF Center in Detroit, election workers boarding up to block the view of Republican poll challengers on November 3, 2020. Republican poll challengers where not able to fulfill their duties and could only look in from the outside through crowded glass doors. Image from

During the 2020 Presidential Election, we laid witness to very suspicious activity that occurred in multiple voting precincts throughout various states, including Michigan.

Most peculiar was the unusual call to stop counting ballots on the evening of Nov. 3, 2020, to then convene after a sudden delivery of thousands of mail in ballots at 3:00 am on Nov. 4. We also witnessed via many YouTube videos, Republican Poll Challengers and Election Inspectors refused entry into polling area’s at the TCF Center in Detroit, and the covering of windows with cardboard, along with footage of actual fraud being committed. But, these infamous locations where election fraud became notorious were not the only localities committing election crimes.

On the evening of November 3, 2020, most of us here in Muskegon County were closely watching the election results, including the results of our local candidates. At 11:00 PM eastern time, it was clear who the likely winners were, even though the counting had been stopped and not completed. The following morning, however, two local candidates (Republicans) who were in the lead and non-officially declared the winners at 11:00 PM, found themselves to have lost by the next morning due to mail in ballots that mysteriously appeared overnight. Sound familiar? This and learning that Zuckerburg money came into Muskegon County for our election, is what enticed the Muskegon County GOP to look into the situation, thereby establishing an Election Committee specifically for the task at hand. Numerous issues were uncovered, and it was becoming apparent that the outcome of several Muskegon County races could have been altered.

To begin, the changes the were made to the state law as a result of Proposal 3 in 2018, allowed voters to vote absentee via mail-in ballots up to 40 days prior to an election. Other significant changes were also made by the MI Secretary of State which allowed widespread mailings of absentee voter (AV) ballot applications as well as changes to verification protocols.

With the high volume of absentee voter ballots (AV), it took the Muskegon County Clerk 10 days to finalize the election here in Muskegon County. In one city the increase of AV ballots was five-fold and in another, the mail-in vote was more than half the final vote. Yet the county reported a 65% turnout rate of voters, (compared to 2016 with a 62% voter turnout), however, based on the voting age population (VAP), it was found that the actual turnout was between 71% and 84%.

An analysis was completed on the historical trend of registered voters in Muskegon County and was found to be fairly consistent, until the 2020 election. In 2020, voter registrations pushed the total QVF numbers above the total population of Muskegon County! We know a massive roll out of AV ballot applications were sent out prior to the 2020 election from the MI Secretary of State. But, it was discovered that numerous AV ballot applications were also sent from outside the state to a large number of addresses within Muskegon County. Some of these came from Illinois and California (both blue states), with some receiving five or more AV ballot applications. There is no verifiable voter ID procedure for AV ballots. One municipality in Muskegon County, Dalton Township, had confirmed that 795 AV ballots were sent out, however, 2,760 were returned. This is a difference of 1,875 excess ballots that were returned and counted in the 2020 election. In some municipalities, AV returns were greater than 100% of what was sent out.

Billboard encouraging voters to mail in their ballots

17 drop boxes were placed throughout the county along with the purchase of a mobile trailer to use as a drop location. The drop boxes and trailer were purchased with grant funds provided by private individuals. It is suspected that some of the Zuckerburg money went to pay for these items, and the newly released movie, “2,000 Mules,” testifies to evidence of people being paid to deposit large amounts of AV ballots into these boxes.

The 2020 U.S. Census population of Muskegon County was 175,824. Subtract the 39,521 children under the voter age of 18, and we get 136,303 adults that qualify as the voter age population (VAP). On November 3, 2020, the county clerk’s election report listed there were 148, 377 VAP’s in Muskegon County; a 9% increase of the actual VAP on the 2020 Census. (Typically, only 85% of adults are registered to vote.)

Looking back at voter registration trends, from mid-2015 to mid-2019, voter registrations rose on average 1,250 per year. However, in 2020, we see a massive spike in voter registrations. Between October, 2019 and Nov., 3, 2020, 17,100 voter registrations were added. Another 1,060 were added between November, 2020 and Jan., 1, 2020. This is not consistent with historical trends from the previous 4 - 5 years and in fact increased the Muskegon County voter registration drastically. The end result is that we had 13,130 excess registered voters above the VAP residing in Muskegon County during the 2020 election. What is even more concerning is the 9,000 - 18,179 voter registrations that had been removed from the QVF during the first quarter of 2021. The election committee got a snapshot of the county’s QVF in May of 2021 and it showed about 131,254 records compared to the QVF at the end of December, 2020 when that snapshot showed 149,433 records. It appears that 18,179 records have been removed from the Muskegon County QVF in the first quarter of 2021.

After comparing the QVF from the beginning of January, 2021 to May, 2021, the two files were combined and records of all identical voters were removed. This is what the election committee found:

  • 20,854 voter records had apparently been eliminated from the January 2021 QVF

  • 1,039 of these records had no prior voting history recorded for Muskegon County

  • 6,294 had recorded votes in the 2020 election

  • 3,403 of the 6,294 voted in person

  • 2,891 of the 6,294 voted by AV ballot in the 2020 election

  • 170 of those casting AV ballots in this group were 90 or more years old, one of them being 170 years old.

Other issues found deal with illegitimate addresses such as campgrounds, the County Parole office, empty lots, duplicate registrations, voters whose votes counted in the 2020 election however, did not become a registered voter until after the election, phantom voters, people over the age of 100, high number of nursing home voters and dead voters.

The Muskegon Republican Election Committee are making efforts to clean our voter rolls as they continue to investigate our elections. They have also been hard at work getting as many people to sign up as Election Inspectors and Poll Challengers. Past elections have always had an abundance of Democratic poll workers compared to 1 or 2 Republicans at each precinct, and the need for Republican poll workers is great. We cannot challenge fraudulent ballots or acts if we are not willing to step up and do our part to make sure elections at our precincts are running legitimately. If you would like more information on becoming an election worker, visit our Election Integrity page by clicking here.

This article is a summary of the report the Elections Committee has turned in. This is not a summary on everything discovered, but only on the significant findings. Please read the Full Report by clicking here.

The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee is grateful to the Elections Committee for their hard work and devotion to election integrity and making our elections great again. They have done an amazing job with what they have uncovered so far, and continue to work towards exposing wrong doing in our election system. A special thanks goes to Chris Kaijala, who took charge with his expertise and acquired access to much of the information and who also authored this report. And a special thanks to Bonnie Kellogg and Mike Glancy for leading the election committee team and increasing it's numbers in volunteers. We appreciate all your efforts!

Become a member of the Muskegon GOP! Your membership helps to support our committees such as our Elections Committee. To join, click here.


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