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Notice; Important Info Regarding the Primary Election Ballots

As we are quickly approaching the Presidential Primary Election beginning February 17th - February 25th, 2024 (9 days of early voting), and Election Day on February 27th, there is some important information regarding the Muskegon County Primary Election Ballots that you need to know before voting.

In case you are not aware, five of the seven Republican Primary candidates have dropped out of the Primary race, leaving Donald Trump and Nikki Haley as the only legitimate candidates on the Republican Party ticket for the Primary Election.


Because the ballots were printed prior to them dropping out, all seven candidates will be listed as choices on the Muskegon County's Primary Election ballots. This will include Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, Asa Hutchinson and Ryan Binkley.


Please take note, and avoid mistakenly voting for one that is no longer running for President. County and Township/City Clerks are not permitted to advise those who come in or call, or have signs informing voters, as it is considered "campaigning," and violates election laws. However, political parties are allowed to communicate this information to the public.


Also, once you have sent in your Absentee Ballot to the clerk, you will no longer be able to spoil it and ask for a new one.


To see a sample ballot for the Muskegon County Presidential Primary Election, click here.

Please relay this information to your family and friends and be sure to vote!


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