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Trump Takes It All: State Convention Results

By Kathy Six

March 6, 2024

A Sweeping Victory!

Saturday, March 2, 2024, President Donald Trump claimed a sweeping victory from Michigan Delegates at the 2024 State District Convention held at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids.

Was There Unity?

On Saturday, Delegates from all 13 Michigan Congressional Districts came together under one roof in a unified front for Donald Trump, despite a great division that has brewed inside the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) the past several months over claims to the legitimacy of who is the rightful MIGOP Chair, Kristina Karamo or Pete Hoekstra. The purpose of the Convention was to elect one (1) National Committeeman & Committeewoman, and thirty nine (39) Delegates and Alternates to the Republican National Convention in July, where they will attend and vote to nominate the Republican Presidential Candidate for the November general election.

Why Poor Attendance in a Few Districts?

In spite of the recent controversies regarding where the State District Convention was to be held, (Detroit, the original location called by Kristina Karamo or Grand Rapids, the location called by Pete Hoekstra), the convention in Grand Rapids was a huge success with all 39 delegates for President going to Donald J Trump. While some districts showed lower attendance from decisions made to send their delegates to other convention meetings in Houghton Lake and Battle Creek after the Detroit location was officially cancelled, Muskegon, Kent and Ottawa County Districts were well attended.

A Flurry of Activity All Day

During the District Caucus's, there was a flurry of activity from candidates running for positions in both the Michigan State Legislature, US senate and House positions. Candidates moved throughout the district rooms speaking to delegates regarding their platform. They were met with enthusiastic applause regarding issues such as border security, economic improvement, reduction of government in business, election security and controlled spending. This collective celebration of ideology was not lost on the attendees.

First One's to the Finish Line

The 1st and 2nd district went through their agendas quickly, turning over all of their delegate votes for President to Donald J Trump. Both districts would learn the results for the Republican National Committeeman and Committeewoman well after their meetings concluded as other districts had yet to finish voting.

Who Was Not Credentialed?

The 3rd district did not go forward without having to weed through some issues prior to voting. Since the Ottawa County GOP Chair, Brenden Muir, had deliberately withheld their list of Delegates elected at the County Convention to attend Saturday's State District Caucus from being submitted to Pete Hoekstra, the new MIGOP Chairman, by the February 23rd deadline, delegates who showed up from Ottawa County were not credentialed to vote. An Ottawa County Precinct Delegate & State Committeewoman, Peggy Doornbos, pleaded with Muskegon and Kent County to recognize and elevate their Ottawa County delegates. Peggy stated that all delegates should be elevated and claimed there had been strong petitioning from the delegates' to have their names submitted to Chairman Hoekstra, and had been ignored. In opposition, several delegates disagreed with the elevation because the bylaws prohibited it, particularly in reference to the set deadline, and therefore the bylaws should be upheld and the chair of the Ottawa County GOP be removed for incompetence. Empathy for Ottawa County's situation was clearly felt by all, even those in opposition. David Dishaw from Kent County pointed out during discussion that we are a country of laws and went through several of the bylaws that explained why Ottawa County delegates elevation would be an infringement. After the discussion concluded, a standing vote was taken and Ottawa County delegates were elevated by a 75-23 margin.

And the National Committee Winners Are:

After district 3 concluded, district 9 remained, but finished soon after. Each district was then given the total results including the National Republican Committee Candidate winners, Rob Steele (current RNC Committeeman) & Hima Kolanagireddy, Chair of the 6th Congressional District.

What is the Purpose of a Primary Election & State District Caucus's?

Both the Primary Presidential Election and the State District Caucus's provide a determined amount of Delegates and two (2) National Committee persons (one male, one female) to attend the Republican National Convention (RNC) as voting members. Michigan is allowed 55 Delegates per the RNC guidelines. RNC National Committee persons will sit on the National Committee for two years.

The Primary Presidential Election held on Tuesday, February 27 and the State District Caucus's held on March 2 allotted Donald Trump 51 out of 55 Delegates from Michigan to attend the RNC in July, and are dedicated to vote for and confirm Trump as the Republican Nominee for the November Presidential Election. Tuesdays state-wide Primary Election provides 16 delegates to the RNC. Trump won 12 delegates and Nikki Haley won 4 through this process. The remaining 39 were to be elected at the State Caucus's via a ballot vote on Saturday, and our Precinct Delegates did not disappoint when they handed Trump a massive victory of 1,575 votes, or 97.8%, earning him all 39 delegates.

Are We Ready for a United Push for Victory?

In spite of bit of of a lower turn out for some districts and debates in others, overall, the crowd left enthusiastic and empowered to bring the conservative voice of the people to upcoming races including positions in the House and Senate, along with the Presidential Race. The body of delegates left tired but hopeful for a united push toward the hard work that lays ahead to prepare for the November election.



Kathy Six - Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Gifted and Talented Students. Community involved at her lifelong residence of Fruitport, Michigan. Married to her husband Scott for 40 years and has two married children and four grandchildren. Kathy loves to hunt, fish, playing softball, and reads everything and anything she can get her hands on.


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