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2021 Lincoln Day Dinner: A YUGE Success! Patrick Colbeck Makes Case for Voter Fraud

By Benj Spencer

May 27, 2021

It was near the end of Governor Whitmer's ironic CCP style lockdowns, in these free United States, where her restrictions were lifted just in time for us to hold our Muskegon GOP 2021 Annual Lincoln Day Dinner indoors. Muskegon GOP supporters were at last free to celebrate, and they came out in droves! Trillium Event Center graciously hosted the event with class and courteous service. Thanks to dozens of volunteers and our Events Committee, Chaired by Deb Null, for making this a reality! Fantastic Job!

Special Guest: Patrick Colbeck

Our Key note speaker Patrick Colbeck, former gubernatorial candidate and key witness of 2020 election fraud, came early for photos, signed copies of his book Wrestling Gators, and meet and greet for those who purchased VIP tickets. Patrick spoke on the outrageous deficiencies he witnessed first-hand as a poll-volunteer in Wayne County for the 2020 general election. He revealed that:

  • Ballot machines and tabulators were in fact connected to the internet and susceptible to fraud

  • Suspicious ballots were delivered without going through legal procedures

  • Those ballots were counted illegally without proper accountability

  • The simultaneous multi-state "late night shut-down" of ballot counting was a major red flag for fraud

  • Our own GOP leaders have lied about his willingness to testify under oath

  • There is little interest from our Michigan Republicans Legislators to ensure integrity of the 2020 election

Patrick has been featured in Mike Lindell's Documentary Absolute Proof. and you can find more about what Patrick is doing at Thank you Patrick for being our honored guest!

Networking: Fostering A Community of Conservatives

Going to a Lincoln Day Dinner is almost like Heaven. Everyone looks amazing, the food is amazing, and the quality of people from all walks of life who passionately work to preserve our county... amazing! Muskegon is leading the way for the conservative movement in West Michigan, both outside and within the Republican Party, to bring our communities back to constitutional, conservative values. Thank you to all of those who attended both from Muskegon County and the many who came to support us from surrounding counties. We value you, and we need each other. Together we will win!


Benj Spenceris a graphic and web designer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media Design from Baker College Muskegon, Michigan. He is also a Muskegon County Republican Party Executive Committee Member where he serves as Communications Committee Chair. You can contact Benj at


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