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Being a Precinct Delegate

Bear with me as I give you some background pertinent to the topic of Precinct Delegate. I’m not one to be shy about my thoughts, ideas or beliefs. I’m also not one to shut down someone else when they express their's, and I’m all about reciprocity of ideas. Perhaps you’re less likely, equal as likely, or more likely to engage in debates with others. Sharing ideas, however, has value in of itself, as it’s merely an act of articulation.

This occurred to me one day while watching an episode of Real America’s Voice. I was watching War Room with Stephen Bannon. He always has amazing guests and on this particular day, the guest was speaking on how we cannot regain our republic from the top.

I was feeling woefully helpless as of late as I’m sure others of you are. I had debated with people on topics of current events. I had thrown out tweets and posts. I refused to buy Coke or wear a mask in protest. I had worked petitions for Stand Up for Michigan and attended rallies. Still, I felt I was missing something. I was mystified as to what that might be until that day Stephen’s host began talking about what the average citizen could do.

I told myself when he started talking, "I am in no position to run for any office". He mentioned running for your local school board, and, well, I certainly couldn’t run for the school board since I’m a teacher. I was cynical and told myself my teaching workload was already too much in addition to meetings and, as you're reading this now, writing these articles. But, I am an eternal optimist. So I listened to the guest describe a website he’d created that could connect me to my county Republican Party Committee. That didn’t sound hard and perhaps there would be something I could use or do that wouldn’t require too much of my time.

I’m also dangerously inquisitive (that has sometimes put me into trouble) which meant I had to find out what he thought was so important that EVERYONE should go there. It was, on first inspection, an exorbitant amount of information. I skimmed until I found something that I felt was relevant. What I found was the Muskegon County RNC. Obviously, you already discovered this group or at least the website if you're reading this. Still feeling a nagging need to do something, I decided to attend a meeting. One simple meeting didn’t mean a lifetime supply of politics, I told myself.

After that first meeting, I was exhilarated. They understood my frustration and there were things being done right here in Muskegon. So refreshing! I’d even shared with a friend who began attending the meetings that followed with me.

Now let me be perspicuous for a moment. I am not insisting you begin attending monthly RNC meetings. I want to speak on one topic that stepped into my path at one of the meetings. That’s right, they started talking about the importance of precinct delegates.

There had been different precinct delegates in attendance at all the meetings I’d sat through. I had no idea what their title meant. They’d spoken on topics and shared activity going on in their precincts. Still, I was embarrassingly uncertain of the precinct delegate’s position. As the board was expressing the importance and need for more delegates, that ol’ inquisitiveness in me started bubbling. I did a quick search of; “what is a precinct delegate”.

Let me save you the time. Here’s what I learned.

“The role of a precinct delegate is one of the most important, yet, least understood of any elected office... They are the campaign leaders for their party in their precincts...There will be four County Conventions that you will need to attend over your two year term...Precinct Delegates are also responsible for electing party leadership; Chair, Co-Chair and the Vice Chairs...In an election year, they are the ones that will decide who will represent the Republican Party on the ballot in these key positions, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State….After Election Day, precinct delegates have another responsibility. Late in the year and early the following year precinct delegates will convene in the district or county conventions to elect executive committees and officers to serve through the following election. 1

This was powerful information. Being a precinct delegate, I discovered, did not require one to campaign oneself with signs and kissing babies, but to just get on the ballot. The reason I point out that campaigning is optional is because of what I learned next. There is a gigantic black hole of delegate positions in Muskegon County. Yes, that inquiring mind of mine went further and located the list of current delegates and how many positions were unfilled in my own precinct.

I was aghast. In my township there are 19 positions of precinct delegates and only 4 are filled. How could this be so? How could such an important position be unheeded by the general public? Furthermore, how could I turn a blind eye?

I need you to understand that my job is extremely demanding and I run some pretty exhaustive hours from late August to mid June. Adding something to my schedule is done with careful consideration. It has to be something consequential and of high priority before it makes it to my top ten list. Even then, the substantive nature of what I’m undertaking has to figure prominently in my world close to home and at large. And of course, not take more time than I have to give.

Why then is the precinct delegate making my top ten? The same reason it’s now making yours. The loss of this republic would be catastrophic. If we lose it, It will never be recovered. We will never forgive ourselves if it is extinguished over a Socialist, Marxist, Communist state. Even worse, I will never forgive myself if I had the chance to succor myself in this cause and chose posts and tweets and drinking Pepsi over political action.

As I’ve heard quoted many times by many people, “I didn’t find politics, it found me”, and this is an exact fit for where I am. I’m willing to bet, it is where you are as well.

Start by checking out how many seats are open in your precinct. Then decide that, like me, you simply cannot allow this important position to be left to the “woke” society. It cannot be simply handed over on a silver platter to a frighteningly growing faction of Social Marxist and Communists. You will learn as you go, just as I will. Consider this, an empty seat is an open invitation for the liberal left to go mad. You in this seat, even a dilettante like myself will yield more results than an empty chair. Together, we can be a force to be reckoned with. If the seats are full and you want one, then you will need to campaign but I’m betting that you have enough family and friends to beat an incumbent with little more than word of mouth.

In fact, the leftist media and frightened dems who fear we conservatives have become more politically active, are furiously lamenting from the rooftops. The push of conservative media particularly from Real America's Voice War Room with Steve Bannon has created a large number of concerned citizens to participate in political endeavors who had not been otherwise involved in elected positions, specifically precinct delegates who are essentially "gatekeepers" of future political elections. Indeed, the outcry has been nothing less than the wails of impudent childish media who have far too long ruled the political sphere. A good example is the video of Isaac Arnsdorf repining to Chris Hayes on MSNBC about the heathens who've begun taking up positions of precinct delegate in record numbers.

To quote Stephen Bannon’s favorite phrase from War Room, “Action, action, action”, and we are in definite need of action. To become a delegate, two dates matter the most, May 3rd and November 8th. To find out more information on how to apply to be a precinct delegate, click on Michigan Precinct Delegate and use the information posted at the end of this article. I hope to see you at a delegate meeting with me as we regain the ground we’ve lost to the radical left agenda and maintain this republic as the greatest country on earth. Oh, and if you vote in Fruitport Township, put a check by my name!

Affidavits of Identity for Precinct Delegates (see packet below) must be signed in front of a Notary and filed with the County Clerk’s Office by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3, 2021 at:

Muskegon County Clerk, Elections, 990 Terrace, 1st Floor, Muskegon MI, 49442


fax to: 231-724-6262


email to:

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