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May 2023 Milage Election: Is AI Coming Under the Guise of "Safety?"

April 12, 2023

Are the Milages Sensible?

The May 2023 election is coming upon us quickly regarding milage renewals for Muskegon County public schools. One of the topics regarding possible uses for these milages is technological upgrades for school safety, and with the recent uprise in school shootings, it seems sensible. But what do these upgrades really consist of?

Is Technology Becoming a New Weapon in our Schools?

We are in an era where we must question everything, especially our public schools after the discovery of Critical Race Theory (CRT), Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and pornographic books being taught and presented to our children. We are already fighting a war with the Department of Education and the "woke" ideology being thrust upon us by the left. So considering these things, is technology becoming another weapon disguised as "safety?"

Will Milage Funds Go Towards AI?

Although we typically do not appose improving safety measures for our kids, we must now be aware of and consider the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of future safety upgrades, as it is becoming more evident that AI is already upon us. For example; although not confirmed, Mona Shores Public Schools may be using their milage funding (if passed) for new technology utilizing AI to upgrade safety measures, possibly from a company called "SparkCognition," based out of Texas. The cost to purchase and operate this type of AI can be thousands per month, with initial start up costs of up to 3 million dollars.

Extensive Threat Detection

SparkCognition is an artificial intelligence solutions company. From a virtual fence to weapon detection, door monitoring, and license plate and human identification, its capabilities of detecting threats are extensive and the technology is 100% customizable.

Visual ID; CCP Style Monitoring?

SparkCognition’s AI utilizes a school’s existing camera infrastructure to proactively detect anything and everything in real time to alert authorities using location, time, visual ID, and additional information. Alerts are automatic and can be sent via web, email, apps, and texts providing school staff and first responders extra time to act. This may all sound more comforting than alarming, however, there are a few red flags that should grab your attention, such as "visual ID." China uses a type of visual ID to monitor all of their citizens and coincides with their social credit scoring practices.

Mood Detection

Another red flag that stood out when looking over SparkCognitions website, is the ability of this AI to perform what is called "situational awareness" of suspicious behaviors. This type of technology can detect a persons mood and determine whether they are a security risk. But, what if it malfunctions and begins to read people wrong? Will students and faculty be falsely accused and treated as threats? And then how does one prove they are not really a threat? Another concerning find was that SparkCognition has contracts with the Department of Defense, other government agencies and works with national security leaders. How much more government overreach and control will this permit?

Should We Arm Teachers?

There is not yet confirmation that any of our schools will be utilizing milage funds for AI, however, with rumor's circulating around Mona Shores, we must take this into consideration. And with the recent school shootings, this is an open opportunity to manipulate us with talk of safety and technological upgrades, while behind the scenes further chipping away our parental rights and rights to privacy.. There are many other ways to protect our children without the use of AI. Camera surveillance (with out AI), hired or volunteer security, and allowing teachers to be armed are reasonable solutions. I believe allowing teachers with proper training, background checks and evaluations to have fire arms, would make a huge impact on school safety.

Where are the Covid Funds?

Another thing we should reflect on when deciding how to vote on these milages are the Covid funds. What have the school districts done with all the money they received from Covid? Does anybody know? Last May, we had another milage on the ballot for ISD funding that failed, as the majority of the population believed it unnecessary due to the millions of dollars the schools already received from Covid. Are these new milages also an unnecessary burden to the tax payers of Muskegon County? If all the Covid money has not yet been spent, are these milages truly needed at this time?

Do Not Let Yourself Be Blinded

As we approach the upcoming elections for 2023, make sure to educate yourself on all the issues and vote wisely. The Democrats have proven to be capable of great evil to advance their socialist agenda as we have become aware of their mass indoctrination of our kids and disregard to the Constitution and our laws. We cannot afford to allow ourselves to be ignorant or blinded to initiatives that sound reasonable on the surface, yet may have dark underlying intentions.

To view a sample ballot for the May 2, 2023 election, click here.

May God bless us all in this fight for freedom!




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