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No Vaccine Passports for Muskegon County!

By Michelle Hazekamp

October 24, 202

Muskegon County Commissioners Vote to Ban Vaccine Passports

In an effort to quell Muskegon County citizen concerns of a potential Covid-19 vaccine passport, on May 14 2021, Muskegon County Commissioners voted 5-4 on a resolution to ban vaccine passports. As Israel began to initiate medical apartheid, other European countries announced they would soon initiate vaccine passports via the "Green Passport," causing panic to set in through out Muskegon County and the nation.

In response to the huge outcry of the public during several county commission meetings condemning a vaccine passport, a Dalton Township Delegate wrote a resolution with the help of county Commissioner, Malinda Pego, that made a bold statement; Muskegon County will not comply to vaccine passports!

County Commissioners, Malinda Pego, Doug Brown, Kim Cyr, Zach Lahring and Bob Scolnik voted in favor of the resolution to ban vaccine mandates in support of medical freedoms. Muskegon County citizens desire to keep their medical freedoms and right to choose, and we can thank these 5 brave county Commissioners for upholding the Constitution of the United States and protecting our freedoms!

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