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URGENT!! Muskegon County Commissioner District Boundaries are Changing. Is that good for me?

It is urgent that you attend the Commission meeting October 7 and make your voice heard!

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Place: Muskegon County Hall of Justice

Jury Assembly Room, 6th Floor

990 Terrace Street

Muskegon, MI 49442

If you cannot make it in person to the October 7th Apportionment meeting, click here to comment by email to the Muskegon County Apportionment Commission members or click here for Michigan Redistricting Public Portal.

By October 7 the Commission will need to agree on a plan to update the number and boundary lines for Muskegon County Commissioners.

**** This will change the makeup of the Muskegon County Commissioner Board for the next 10 years. ***

*** It is very important that you become involved by making public comment to the commission before October 7.***

The board recently voted to only consider plans that had 7 commissioners or 9 commissioners. Mr. Kaijala has advocated for 11 commissioners due to the amount of work required for this position. A former Democrat commissioner has also asked for 11 commissioners during public comment; in order to better serve the communities in his district. Public comment was overwhelmingly in favor of more commissioners due to the work load and the apparent lack of good decision-making during the past 10 years.

Questions for you:

Do you think it is fair not to consider all plans that the commissioners feel are valuable to the public?

Would you like to make public comment on a variety of plans that may be beneficial to the County?

Since many residents stated that this should not be a political exercise; should not all plans recommended by any member of the commission be considered for public comment?

Please take ACTION!!:

  1. Please contact the Republican commission member, Chris Kaijala, at to get my comments concerning current plans being offered by the commission.

  2. Please go online to view the current plans being offered by the commission;

  3. To go and view the plans online under this title: Muskegon County Apportionment Plan Review Dashboard.

  4. Please make thoughtful comments on these plans after you review the boundary lines related to where you live. Argumentative and mean comments will not be posted.

  5. Please comment that you would like to see plans that include 11 commissioners. Please asked the commission to allow for the broadest number of plans to be considered.

  6. If you think the plans currently offered are partisan, please make comments to that effect. Plans should allow each Commissioner, district, the ability for a Republican or a Democrat to be able to win election.

  7. Please share this with your friends, an overwhelming set of comments need to be made to influence the commission.

  8. Republican plans will be posted by October 4.

  9. Please attend the October 7 commission meeting and make public comment concerning these plans directly to the commission. If more than 30 to 50 people show up to this meeting, the commission will be forced to move the meeting to a larger venue per the Open Meetings Act,.

  10. Please get everyone you know to attend this meeting at 11 AM Thursday, October 7,

  11. Remember, this will affect County Commissioner of elections for the next 10 years!! Please take a long lunch or take the day off. It is that important!

  12. Please share this with your friends.


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