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A Resolution to Repudiate Proposal 3 of 2022

By, the Muskegon County Executive Committe

December 19, 2022

The Muskegon County Executive Committee has issued a resolution to repudiate Proposal 3 at the executive committee meeting that commenced on Monday, Dec., 19. The resolution is a stand against the amendment that will be inserted into the Michigan State Constitution on Christmas Day, Dec., 25.

Proposal 3 is not only un-constitutional, but also goes against our party platform and Christian values whereby it allows for the murder of unborn babies and denies the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Proposal 3 denies the rights of parents, thereby allowing children who are not yet of mature minds to make critical decisions concerning abortion and body mutilation upon themselves, without consent or knowledge of a parent. Proposal 3 will now put the Michigan State Constitution in violation of the U.S. Constitution whereas it will become illegal to uphold our State Constitution.

It was agreed upon by the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee to take action and issue a resolution to repudiate this which seeks to remove morality and truth from our society by way of government enforcement. A second resolution was also issued along side the repudiation concerning elected officials taking the oath of office; that the oath taken will be to honor the Michigan State Constitution prior to December 25, 2022, thereby granting a clear conscience. In this regard, persons who are elected to office and object to Proposal 3 can, with a clear conscience serve the people of Michigan, while at the same time refuse to uphold and support the amendment of Proposal 3 that has been inserted into the Michigan State Constitution. Both resolutions can be read below.

1. Resolution to Repudiate Proposal 3 of 2022

2. Resolution on Swearing an Oath to the Constitution of the State of Michigan

Proposal 3 Resolution
Download PDF • 184KB

Oath Resolution-
Download PDF • 177KB


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