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Big Win for Muskegon County Precinct Delegate Endorsed Candidates!

By, Michelle Hazekamp

August 3, 2022

The Muskegon County Republican Party Congratulates the Precinct Delegate Endorsed

Winners of the August 2nd, Primary Election!

Muskegon County was hit by a red wave of support as voters rolled in to elect grassroots candidates promising to bring conservative values back into government after 2 1/2 years of insane, tyrannical governing inflicted on "We the People" from establishment bureaucracy leaders, and an awakening to wide-spread abuse of power. Yesterday was an unusually high voter turn out, considering most don't bother to vote in Primary elections, thus proving further that the people are fed up and want change.

The Muskegon County GOP sent out a survey months ago regarding what candidates for each elected office they supported in the Primary race. Unfortunately, not all the Precinct Delegate endorsed candidates came out ahead in yesterday's primary, however, it is with great honor that the Muskegon County Republican Party announces the Precinct Delegate endorsed candidates who did come out as victors in the August 2nd Primary Election!

Our Precinct Delegate endorsed winners are:

County Commissioner

  • District 3 - Michelle Hazekamp

  • District 5 - David Dursema

  • District 7 - Steve Null


  • John Gibbs for 3rd Congressional District

To see Muskegon Countywide results, click here.

To see Muskegon Countywide Precinct results, click here.

For Statewide election results, click here.

Throughout the state, recruitment for grassroots, patriotic candidates has been the mission for the Republican Party who live and abide by the conservative values that the Republican Party Platform represents. Those who have never been involved in politics, have shown great courage by stepping up and running for an elected office, and whether they won in yesterday's primary or not, we applaud them for taking part in this fight for our children, state and nation. A lot of time, sweat and tears has gone into this initiative to prepare for the Primary and General elections and yesterday's results are proof that people are fed up with tyrannical ideologies, big money influence and the final straw being the indoctrination of our kids with an agenda to usher in a socialist regime.

The Primary election is just the beginning to getting grassroots, endorsed candidates elected to office as we move forward to the final and most fierce battle, the General election in November when we go up against the Democratic Party. We need all hands on deck and everyone to get behind those candidates who have won the Republican Primary to see this through for the final victory! God Bless to all!

Romans 8:37 - But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

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