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Immigration; An Ocean View

~ unum de multis

September 12, 2022

What's Lying Underneath the Froth of Immigration?

Listing all the nightmarish facts surrounding the waves of illegal immigration crashing over our southern border is hardly necessary. We should all be painfully familiar with the Biden/Harris administration’s complete failure and, beyond that, actual dereliction of duty when it comes to the federal responsibility to protect our country’s borders. As infuriating as things like gang and terrorist infiltration, human trafficking, fentanyl importation, and violence are, they are just the froth. Underneath all of that run deep currents of stress on our medical providers, our educational system, our rule of law and criminal justice system, our wages, and our social services and welfare systems.

Pathetic Leadership

It is a pathetic fact that most of our Republican leadership has done little to address the crisis, even after polling showed that it was one of the primary issues that enabled the election of Donald Trump in 2016. You would think they would have learned.

That said…

Statistics tell us that deaths from drug overdoses crested 100,000 for the 1st time in 2021. As recently as 2015 that number hovered around 50,000. In addition, the birthrate in the U.S. is dangerously low and has been below what is considered replacement level for many years, as American marriage rates tumble. Add to these an aging population and we have a looming problem.

America does need immigration, and we benefit from and are strengthened by it. Republicans do ourselves no favors when we allow the Democrats to paint us as xenophobic and anti-immigrant.

Immigrants are Not Interested in Supporting Social Radicalism

For a long time, Democrats have lobbied for “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is just a cover for an open-door policy and lax border security. This is unacceptable and no nation can long maintain its sovereignty or the security of its citizenry under such conditions. Populists, on the other hand, have most often demanded a sealed border and even a moratorium on immigration for a period of time until we can get things sorted out. This may sound reasonable in light of circumstances, but if we are going to have a chance of getting the majority of our fellow citizens behind us, we have to be smarter. The current border situation is such an unmitigated disaster that we find ourselves granted an opportunity we can seize to stem the tide of illegal immigration while at the same time encouraging “good immigration.” Incidentally, Democrats seem to entirely miss the fact that many of the people they are welcoming into the country come from very traditional communities and will not be interested in supporting their social radicalism.

A healthy immigration system designed to protect security while growing and strengthening our country might include:

  • Revised student visa programs that would encourage and rationalize the citizenship process for foreign STEM students who wish to remain in America.

  • A recruitment program for immigrants in needed occupational and knowledge fields.

  • The ending of birthright citizenship. Other countries do not practice this, yet we are made to feel guilty for questioning this inimical policy. End it.

  • Improving the interview and vetting process for new immigrants. If they can’t agree with and demonstrate adherence to certain tenants of our Constitutional government, they should absolutely be denied entry. It should be obvious that someone who disagrees with our Bill of Rights is not a good fit for citizenship.

  • Revising the lottery system we already have in place for prospective legal immigrants. Consider replacing it with some kind of points-based system.2

  • Fixing the asylum laws which are currently being abused as a loophole for huge numbers of immigrants to bypass our immigration policy.

  • Finishing the border wall and properly staffing our southern border security, with the military if necessary.

What is Your Ocean View?

It is unacceptable that the property of American citizens on the border is left unprotected and their lives left in danger. This is the first duty of a national government – the protection of its borders and citizens. Instead, we are sending billions of dollars in one aid package after another to Ukraine to protect their borders, while continuing to refuse to protect our own. We must make clear that for every illegal immigrant whose vote is counted, a legal vote is usurped. The vote of a lawful citizen is of little value when we grant easy citizenship to those who began their American experience by violating our immigration laws. Democrats tirelessly shout that they are the guardians of voting rights, but it sure doesn’t look that way from this ocean view.


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