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MCC's DEI Department: A Trojan Horse for Critical Race Theory

By Michelle Hazekamp

July 17, 2021

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With the battle against Critical Race Theory coming to our public schools, Muskegon Community College has announced their initiative for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program. Make no mistake, "DEI" rides on the coat-tails of Critical Race Theory, and is cultural Marxism in disguise!

The "Hearing"

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, discussions took place with the MCC Board of Trustee's and concerned citizens over the DEI Initiative presented by the college. The meeting began with a couple of presentations by staff; more importantly the one given by MCC's President, Dale K. Nesbary, Ph.D.

Dr. Nesbary began by stating to the public, "Regardless of the actions of a Muskegon County Commissioner, and public opposition, a collaboratively funded DEI initiative will be a reality and there is nothing you can do about it." He proceeded with a PowerPoint presentation defining DEI and how this will help employer's throughout the Muskegon community retain employees. He continued by stating that DEI has been at MCC for 30+ years already.

Funded by the college and the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, he went on to say that we are failing to generate and maintain a diverse and vibrant workforce, and that not only hurts families, students, businesses, etc., but it weakens our economy. The college will use funding to promote buy-in's and spur real action within companies and organizations.

Photos by Michelle Hazekamp

The Trojan Horse

Recently, the term Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become divisive, as this curriculum is being pushed on school districts throughout the nation. Parents have taken up opposition in local school board meetings by calling it the very same institutionalized racism it claims to remedy, and even calling it black supremacy. Thus, that is the reason different names or acronyms have been popping up to disguise it: such as Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB).

DEI is often used as a "Trojan horse" to usher in to schools the propaganda and enforcement of CRT's marxist ideologies while claiming to be about diversity, equity and inclusion. As this battle rages on through America, we must be educated and aware of what the true agenda really is. He who defines the terms, wins the war!

How the Left Defines Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

  • Diversity: acknowledges all the ways people differ: race, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, and more.

  • Equity: distributes resources based on needs.

  • Inclusion: is about diversity in practice. It's the act of welcoming, supporting and valuing all individuals and groups.

This all sounds nice in theory, but in reality it is grounded on cultural marxism.

What the Left Really Means by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

  • Diversity: Intersectionality - Your validation as a person is dependent not on your character or quality of ideas, but on how much victimhood status you are entitled to, based on your ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and political affiliation. The further one is from their archetypical villain of straight, white, Christian, Republican, male, the more valid are ones opinions and concerns. Even if someone holds just one of those qualities, they risk the potential of being "cancelled" by someone of yet higher intersectionality. They are called a supremacist, religious bigot, homophobe, racist, chauvinist, deplorable sub-human; not because of anything they've done or said, but because of who they are.

  • Equity: Equality of outcome - Equal opportunity is not enough, everyone must share resources as equally as possible regardless merit or the amount of effort or investment one puts into their lives.

  • Inclusion: Priority of "diversity" - Preferential treatment in opportunities and in hiring to those with the most intersectionality "points". Organizations, departments, and programs with more minorities, women, disabilities, and non-cisgender individuals are considered more "diverse" and favorable. Qualifications for opportunities are based on things like skin color and genitals, rather than merit, skills, or experience.

Photos by Michelle Hazekamp

How is This Achieved?

Equal results are achieved by tearing down standards. We have seen examples of this throughout the last couple of decades with participation trophies in children's sports, and affirmative action laws that require quotas for minorities to be hired by employers. This eliminates healthy competition with our kids and actually lowers their performance standards, knowing they will still receive a prize at the end, no matter how hard they perform.

Diversity points out our differences, thus lionizing certain attributes of race, sex, and disability rather than character. Equity takes away from students and employees who work hard to achieve success and puts them on the same level as those who are lazy and vise versa. Inclusion: we all want to be included, but as we are making an effort to point out our differences with DEI, we are actually creating a more conscious separation amongst each other.

The Bigger Problem Causing Unemployment is Not a Lack of Jobs

Dr. Nesbary mentioned that this will aid employers in retaining employees. What he failed to mention was the huge welfare problem we have in the nation. The problem with retaining employees in impoverished communities is the motivation to work.

Employment is obsolete when one can sit at home and receive food, monetary and health benefits for free. Though not to discredit those who truly need and deserve help, but we have created a generation who has been raised in this poverty-promoting cycle of dependence. They are comfortable with it and have learned the concept of "entitlement."


The Covid-19 pandemic only magnified this problem by increasing these benefits along with relief checks and obnoxiously increased unemployment benefits, all of which we have yet to see an end to. It seems this initiative and funds would be of better use by installing educational programs that maximize self-worth, self-sufficiency and the benefits of success through hard work along with pride in oneself. This would in turn create a desire to retain one's job.

Citizens Voice Their Concerns

Most citizens gave public comment at the Board of Trustee's meeting at MCC opposing DEI. There were a few who supported it, stressing that we do have a problem here in Muskegon County because we are extremely segregated by communities and have experienced racism here.

Equality can only be achieved by maximizing the ability of every American to become self sufficient, not by dividing us based on superficial categories and apportioning resources accordingly. God tells us we are made in His image. The Constitution of the United States reinforces that by stating we are ALL created equal.

Learn more about DEI and Critical Race Theory and get involved! Together we are stronger!


Michelle Hazekamp is a Muskegon County business owner and a Delegate for the Muskegon County Republican Party. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelorette in Science and a minor in History. You can contact Michelle at


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