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Muskegon County Commissioners Pass Resolution for Freedom!

By Michelle Hazekamp

September 15, 2021

In a 5-4 vote, Muskegon County Commissioners passed a resolution Tuesday afternoon to support the freedom for "health choice," for Muskegon County citizens where masks, vaccines, and testing are at a cross-roads between mandates and freedom.

Freedom For Medical Choice

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 Muskegon County Commissioner Malinda Pego introduced a resolution to "Promote General Welfare" at the county Commissioners board meeting. It was then moved by Commissioner Zach Larhing with support from Commissioner Rillastine Wilkins. The resolution acknowledges that every person has sacred, inalienable rights granted to us by God that gives us the freedom to choose our own individual health needs and medical procedures. Those that voted in favor of the resolution were Commissioners Brown, Cyr, Lahring, Pego and Wilkins.

General Welfare of All

Commissioner Pego had been approached by county employee's along with constituents raising concerns over the recent federal mandates and fearing their loss of employment if they chose to not comply, asking her to help. In response to their plea's, Commissioner Pego drafted a "Resolution to Promote General Welfare," which acknowledges that every individual has different health needs, and the issues we face with masks and vaccine mandates do not allow for a "one size fits all" solution. As individuals, only we know what is best for our health along with our health care providers who know our individual, personal health histories. Some simply cannot comply due to medical conditions and/or religious concerns.

Resolution Acknowledges the Right to Freedom of Choice

The resolution acknowledges that citizens have the right to make autonomous choices concerning any medical treatment concerning their own health while having access to risks and benefits. This is essential in securing both the general welfare and the blessings of liberty as they are protected by the Constitution of the United States. The resolution encourages citizens to make their own medical choices with their health care providers as what is best for them. It further states that Muskegon County will not question the decisions made by individuals involving the wearing of masks or vaccine status, mandate employee's to be vaccinated or verification of Covid-19 testing. The resolution also urges citizens to make health choices with their preferred healthcare provider.

The Public Spoke

Muskegon County citizens showed up in person and on Zoom to give public comment and state their support or dismay towards the resolution. Although there were some statements of disagreement with the resolution and in favor of supporting mask and vaccine mandates, others greatly supported it and praised Commissioner Pego and the others for standing up for our freedoms.

The resolution did not pass unanimously, but is a huge victory for Muskegon County by boldly supporting freedom for individual medical choice. Afterwards when questioned by Fox 17 as to why she drafted such a controversial resolution, Commissioner Pego stated, "These mandates are unacceptable in the United States of America. This is not Nazi Germany." She also spoke on Biden's recent vaccine mandate, "It's treasonous and he can't do that."

Courageous Leaders

The debate over the efficacy of the masks, the Covid-19 vaccine and the necessity of continuous testing has been increasingly dividing this nation. And as corporations continue to enforce employee Covid-19 vaccination mandates, it is becoming more apparent that we are losing our freedoms for medical autonomy, yet encouraging to know we have leaders who will fight for us to keep those freedoms.



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