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NOT KID SAFE! Whitehall Schools Expose Kids to Sexual Content Behind Parents Backs

By Steven Evans

September 28, 2021

Parents and local tax payers stay the course. The attendance grows at Whitehall School Board Meetings as lack of transparency continue.

A Nation at Battle

As the battle rages through out the nation between parents and schools over mask and vaccine mandates and Critical Race Theory,, Whitehall Public Schools has been a major battle ground since early summer.

In April 2021, Whitehall high school principle, Brett Westerlund, sent out a mass email blast to all high school students, including home-school partnership students regarding a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and LBGTQ+ pride week event without any parental knowledge. During this event week, students were asked to wear specific colors that would acknowledge what gender or sexual preference they identified with, among other things. What's worse is students were provided a survey in the email that was sent, asking them to answer very personal questions about sexual preferences, experiences and if they would like information, etc.

Parents Being Ignored

As parents began to learn about the email and demand an explanation, the school board failed to respond in the beginning and there were no repercussions. By July, parents began organizing which led to the formation of the Facebook group, "Whitehall Informed Parents." They have been packing the Whitehall school board meetings every month in opposition of the pride week event and email, while demanding explanations and apologies. As parents began seeking more information and investigating what is going on in their children's school, they discovered Critical Race Theory was also being taught at Whitehall Public Schools.

Arrogant Behavior from the School Board

During each board meeting this past summer, the air in the room typically went from business as usual to tension and anxiety. You could feel the emotion of the parents and citizens. Jerry McDowell, the school superintendent, likes to keep his head down writing notes as parents and citizens stay focused on the issues of real concern, asking questions such as, " Why was this email sent without parental consent?," What consequences are there for those involved? Laws were broken and policies were broken so who is responsible? Where is the apology?" Most of the speakers stayed on target to address their frustration and anger over the “Move on” and “Move past” statements from the school board president, Doug Ogden. Mr. McDowell, and Mr. Ogden have interrupted public comments many times and gone as far as to have parents escorted out of meetings. Mr. Ogden on occasion has walked out of board meetings during public comment while saying, "I'm not dealing with this anymore." Mr. McDowell has even used intimidation tactics towards parents who are recording and taking pictures at meetings, telling them they need permission from each person in attendance to do so. School board agenda hand-outs available to the public have no agenda points on them at all, leaving parents and citizens clueless as to what the board will be discussing. The behavior observed from Mr. McDowell and Ogden is of great arrogance and have stated that they don't have to answer to the parents of Whitehall, as parents continue to remind them that were elected and work for them.

The Passion of the Public

There were passionate mothers demanding resignation of the Superintendent and School Board President and. fathers that brought logic and analogies on how their inaction and lack of transparency is not going to be tolerated for long. There were pastors speaking about the ethical dilemmas of how this email effected the religious freedoms of students.

The local Muskegon chapter of the NAACP spoke about many issues including transparency and invited parents and local citizens to meet and talk with people of color. Dialog, debate, and understanding were her topics. But she also said forcing agenda on others was divisive. A nurse had brought handouts to show how students in high school are affected and influenced along with case study information on teen and young adult brain development regarding sexual identity, promiscuity, and self-worth.

Parents Want Transparency

Rules and policies have obviously broken and the more information parents receive, the more they united to stop the school board and superintendent from continuing their agenda that goes against the morals and values of Whitehall residents. The school board in return has portrayed the parents as bigots. Censuring has been occurring on social media groups as well, to prevent parents from communicating and informing the public, while local neighborhood websites has been removing any discussions on the matter. The parents of Whitehall just want transparency and to have a say in what kind of programs, emails and outside large organizations are funding the agenda's in Whitehall schools. As we are now into the new school year, many parents have pulled their children from the school and are joining home school coalitions. But, the battle continues with the Whitehall school board as parents and citizens wait for answers, apologies and repercussions from the email scandal, fight against Critical Race Theory curriculum and keep masks off their children.


For more Information on the influence of LBGTQ+ on children, Critical Race theory and the efficacy of masks, click on the links below.



Guest Speakers: Matt DePerno & Mellissa Carone

Music by Jon Gokey Holy Smokers BBQ Truck (Patriotic Western Theme)

Oct 29, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

2330 Barclay St, 2330 Barclay St, Muskegon, MI 49441, USA



Sep 30, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Medical Office Bldg. (lower Level), 433 Seminole Rd, Norton Shores, MI 49444, USA

Come and work on Elections activities for Muskegon County.

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