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VIDEO: Secretary of State Candidate Kristina Karamo Stump Speech: Warns Delegates of Election Woes

By Michelle Hazekamp

June 30, 2021

Video provided by Renea Knight

Troubling insights from Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo about our 2020 election process were discussed along with observations from the thorough forensic election audit she witnessed in Arizona. She also provided many common sense solutions that will prevent opportunities for election fraud and impropriety.

Kristina Karamo is a running candidate for Secretary of State in the 2022 elections. She is currently an instructor at Wayne County Community College and graduated a year ago with a masters degree in Christian Apologetics. She never intended to run for public office, in fact, she was aiming to preach the gospel and do ministry work, until she experienced major discrepancies and fraud in our election system while working as a poll challenger at the TFC Center in Detroit for the 2020 general election.

She spoke to Muskegon County Republican Delegates Monday, June 28, 2021 at 6:30 pm about why she is running and described her eyewitness accounts to election fraud/impropriety.

It Began with Election Abuse

Kristina witnessed first hand several illegal activities such as the non-existent chain of custody for ballots along with poll workers and their overseer's giving votes to the democratic candidate on ballots where more than one candidate were clearly selected. She went on to explain unhealthy relationships within our elections between private donors, such as Mark Zuckerberg and other private companies, with no explanation for where the money was spent, as well as discovering that the source codes for tallying our votes reside in California; confirming that voting machines do in fact connect to the internet.

Kristina signed a sworn affidavit and gave testimony in front of the Senate Committee, only to be told "Thank you for your story" as state legislatures minimized the testimonies of all witnesses who came before them, with no interest in getting to the bottom of any situation.

After the election, she volunteered to knock on doors to help "clean up" the voter registration files only to discover that at many of the homes she visited, the voter was either deceased or had moved years ago... but somehow they still voted! She also discovered that senior homes in the area had received pre-filled mail-in ballots. Questions arose as to why dead people were not removed from the voter registration files, and who pre-filled the ballots for the seniors. These alone are cause to investigate the extent of occurrences.

SOS Candidate Kristian Karamo

Photo by Malinda Pego

Kristina Goes to Arizona: Observes the Most Extensive Election Audit in History

Kristina was the only person in the state of Michigan to visit and observe the Maricopa County forensic audit in Arizona and said, "It was a very efficient and thorough process”. Learning from Arizona's example and here own first-hand experience in the 2020, Kristina presented many common sense solutions for restoring election integrity and making SOS offices run more efficiently if elected as Secretary of State.

Goals for state-wide election integrity and efficiency:

  • Eliminate all machines that have the capability to connect to the internet

  • Protect our qualified voter files and clean them up by removing deceased voters - as their deaths are already reported to county and city clerks

  • Open SOS offices for appointments AND walk-in customers

Attendees react with surprise and laughter during Kristina Karamo's personal story | Photo by Malinda Pego

As these are just a few of Kristina Karamo's goals of restoring and securing our elections, she is a refreshing and authentic candidate who states that she places God above all, and is loyal to our Constitution; that she loves this country, and recognizes the urgent importance to the security of our nation and our election systems as it is critical to the survival of our republic!

Everyone should get involved to help restore election integrity back into our elections! You can help by becoming an election poll watcher, inspector or challenger.

Find out more about Kristina Karamo at:,4670,7-127-5647_12539_29836-182653--,00.html

Kristina Karamo and Malinda Pego

Photo by Benj Spencer


Michelle Hazekamp is a Muskegon County business owner and a Delegate for the Muskegon County Republican Party. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelorette in Science and a minor in History. You can contact Michelle at