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Stop Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Amendment!

By, Michelle Hazekamp

May 22, 2022

-Over 63 million abortions have been performed since Roe vs. Wade was set into law in 1973.-

Planned Parenthood is Fighting Back!

As conservatives celebrate the anticipated U.S. Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe vs. Wade at the end of June (or sooner), Planned Parenthood has been hard at work in Michigan to save their genocidal practices. You may not be aware of what they are up to, but you need to be informed and prepared to fight back, as their agenda expands far greater than murdering the unborn. Among current lawsuits, they have initiated a petition drive that if passed, will amend the Michigan State Constitution, and among other things, will eliminate parental rights of minors and open the door to infanticide!

Finding a "Right" to Abortion in Our State Constitution

Currently in Michigan we have a law that makes abortions illegal except in cases when it is necessary to save the mother's life. The law was first established in 1846, then reinforced in 1931. Once Roe vs. Wade is overturned officially, the state law will become enforced once again, making it illegal to obtain an abortion. But Planned Parenthood (PP) has not been sitting idle. They currently have an ongoing lawsuit to find a "right to abortion" in the Constitution and also ensure that any woman who obtains an abortion after Roe vs. Wade is overturned will not be prosecuted. Our very own Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has also initiated a law suit to "find the right to abortion" in the Michigan Constitution, even though there is none, just as there is not one in the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution instead provides the "right to life."

One-Sided Lawsuit

The current lawsuit in Michigan with Planned Parenthood has become a one-sided, triage monopoly. The judge who is residing over the case is in fact a pro-abortion advocate. A Court of Claims judge, Elizabeth L. Gleicher, not only donates to PP, but represented them as their attorney while working for the ACLU and also has won an award from PP. To make matters worse, Michigan's Democratic Attorney General, Dana Nessel, is the prosecuting attorney on the case. Prior to the lawsuit, A.G., Dana Nessel issued a statement that she will not enforce Michigan's 1931 abortion law if Roe vs. Wade is overturned. A pair of pro-life groups have filed an amicus brief arguing that Gleicher should recuse herself from the case, but Dana Nessel did not file a recusal motion. Nessel also said she does not plan to appeal the ruling. A coalition of pro-life organizations here in Michigan have joined forces to enter into this joke of a case and break up the illegal triage.

A Dangerous Amendment Leading to Infanticide

What is most alarming is a pro-abortion petition that is currently being circulated by a committee called, "Reproductive Freedom for All," and is funded and led by PP and the ACLU. The petition is for an amendment to our state constitution that would create a new and unregulated right to abortion in our state. If enough signatures are collected, this amendment would go on the November ballot to be voted on. This is not about reproductive freedom however, because it already exists. What is extremely dangerous about this is the amendment would repeal dozens of state laws, including those not related to abortion and remove parental rights pertaining to medical treatments and abortion. The following are things you need to know about this petition;

  • Ends parental consent for a minor to obtain an abortion

  • Allows school employees to assist children in acquiring abortions

  • Removes parental consent for medical treatment related to pregnancy, sterilization and hormone therapy

  • Permits late-term abortions

  • Eliminates the screening process for woman who are being coerced to have an abortion

  • Lowers health and safety requirements for abortion facilities

  • Eliminates requirement that only doctors can perform abortions

  • Removes conscience protections for doctors/nurses who object to abortions

  • Permits tax-funded abortions

  • Removes Michigan's original 1846 and revised 1931 abortion law.

  • Eliminates bans on statutory rape and incest

  • Eliminates prostitution ban

  • Eliminates ban on human cloning

  • Opens the door to infanticide

Inhumane Acts Will Become Legal

This amendment opens the doors for horrific acts to become excusable and legal. It will lead to infanticide by way of "mental health" reasons as mental health claims will be allowed for late-term abortions and will not stop there. It will also protect pedophiles and traffickers from being charged and prosecuted as long as the minor/victim says he/she gave consent to the sexual activity. Typically, a minor/victim is afraid to admit to their abuse or turn over their abusers, most likely due to threats and/or conditioning.

Loss of Parental Rights & Consent

Minors will be able to acquire abortions with out parental consent or knowledge and teachers will be allowed to "assist" in acquiring an abortion for minors. This amendment also allows protection for any suspicious miscarriages or still borns, meaning that the baby can be aborted via physical abuse or other unethical acts in which no investigation will occur. Believe it or not, this is allowed in New York. If a father does not want the baby, he can murder the baby by physical abuse to the mother and not be charged. This is clearly the mentality of evil and we cannot allow it in Michigan!

Where Will it Stop?!

This may all seem like a sick conspiracy theory, however, similar legislation has recently been introduced in multiple states such as California, New York and Maryland allowing babies to be aborted as late as 28 days after birth. If we allow this, where does it stop? Will abortions be permitted on 2 year olds? How about 4 year olds? This may seem far-fetched, but did you ever think we would see the day when partial birth, late-term and now after birth abortions up to 28 days old would be acceptable?

Facts about Planned Parenthood:

  • Claims to be a non-profit organization but received $618.1 million in tax dollars in 2019-2020 while making a profit of $69.7 million according to their annual report.

  • Have performed more than 6 million abortions since 2000.

  • Has a long history of medical malpractice harming woman and families.

  • Fails to protect medical records.

  • Has committed Medicaid fraud and mis-used pandemic relief money.

  • Sells aborted baby body parts for profit.

  • Founded by Margaret Sanger who was a racist and eugenicist.

  • Places abortion facilities in Black and lower income communities to target them.

  • Cover up patients who show signs of or have reported incest, human trafficking or statutory rape.

  • Spends tens of millions of dollars on lobbying politicians and contributing to their campaign.

Petition Circulators are Misleading the Public

Be aware that circulators are misleading people to coerce them into signing this petition by manipulating the petition language. The statements listed below are already in common practice by the circulators along with what the language in this petition is really stating:

  1. This amendment gives woman the right to birth control with out interference from the government. - Woman already have the right and access to birth control. There is no gov. interference.

  2. It ensures woman will not be prosecuted for having a miscarriage/abortion. - Michigan Supreme Court case of 1963, In re Vickers, ruled that one who performs abortion has committed a felony and the person recieving the abortion is not guilty and cannot be charged with aiding and abetting.

  3. Gives the right to access reproductive care. - It actually takes away parental consent of a minor to obtain an abortion.

  4. Provides a constitutional right to abortion care and reproductive freedom. - Abortion is currently the only "healthcare" procedure that has constitutional protection and we all have the right to reproductive care.

  5. Comprehensive reproductive care remains in the hands of patients and their doctors. - Doctor/patient confidentiality already exists, however, this amendment will also allow for non-physicians to perform abortions.

  6. Amendment allows reasonable health regulations and standard of care. - What this amendment would actually do is lower those standards and allow a woman to seek a non-regulated abortion (ie, rusty tools, unsanitary conditions) and there would be nothing health regulators could do about it.

  7. Allows for restricting late-term abortions unless there is a "health concern". - This amendment creates broad exceptions to a late-term abortion ban, specifically mental health.

  8. Stops the government from prosecuting woman who experience miscarriages. - Woman are typically not prosecuted for having a miscarriage.

  9. It protects the rights of the LBGTQ community by allowing them to get the healthcare they need. - This abortion amendment allows unregulated clinics and schools to handout steroids and hormones to minors without consent from parents or their knowledge.

  10. Gives Michiganders the chance to have their voice heard on the future of reproductive health. - This petition brings the reality of unrestricted abortions one step closer and changes our state constitution.

What can you do:

Become educated on abortion and the current issues pertaining to it here in Michigan. There is much more destruction this amendment will cause that is not included above. You can find out more by visiting, Tell everyone you know about this petition and educate them on the true impacts this will have not only on the lives of unborn babies, but also woman's health, minors and parental rights. Make sure to educate them on the lies being told in order to obtain signatures. The goal is to prevent this petition from getting on the November ballot! Donate if you are able, as the legal fee's to fight Planned Parenthood are massive.

God creates all life, and He does not make mistakes. All life is valuable and has purpose. We must be the voice for the unborn and protect them by keeping the 1931 abortion law on the books!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you," Jeramiah 1:5.

"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13.


Michelle Hazekamp is a Muskegon County business owner and a current candidate for Muskegon County Commissioner in the 3rd district. She is also Chair of the Muskegon GOP Communications Committee and Precinct Delegate.


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