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Walls or Fences: Do We Need Sledgehammers to Combat the Indoctrinated?

By, Kathy Six

August 2, 2023

How Do We Get the Truth Out?

Those of us that see what’s happening to this country are anxious to get the word out and see reality. We want to spread the truth and inform people who have been indoctrinated by the media, other people, the corrupt administration occupying Washington and young people through their higher education classes.

We are often frustrated when we meet with resistance and the facts are so obvious. So let’s get down to brass tacks. Let’s see this for what it is and act accordingly. We can make a difference, we just need to know when and with whom.

Why Are People Not Waking UP?

While most of us are watching real news and are seeing the lies and corruption of the left, we have a hard time understanding people who still believe in Biden and his regime. We are puzzled when people wear masks (especially alone in the car or outside), confused when people defend the DOJ going after Trump in the most recent indictment, or outright flabbergasted when people still assert that the “jab” is safe and effective. We attempt to give them facts. We show them scientific studies. We make comparisons that are logical, feeling confident that surely they can see the issue, i.e., Biden taking documents illegally as a senator and VP and having them strewn everywhere compared to Trump legally taking documents when he left the White House and was protected by the Secret Service. We ask, “Why isn’t Biden being indicted? He actually broke the law!” “It’s a 3 tiered system,” we cry out. Why can’t they see it?

How The Brick Wall is Built

When we speak to people who cannot see the lies and corruption, we believe we are speaking to people who have the ability to weigh the information in an objective way and think rationally. What we don’t see is the brick wall between us and them. The portion of the public that seem nonsensical or are unable to use deductive reasoning, or make an inference from facts. They have a brick wall around them. It was built slowly brick by brick through the influx of duplicity and deception.

Believe a lie, add a brick. Emotionally respond, thicken the mortar.

The media hands them a brick of some lie or deception such as Trump broke the law with documents at his residence and without question, they lay this "brick" (lie) down and use their emotional response to add mortar to prepare for another brick. The more emotion the media gives them, the thicker and stronger the mortar.

We are incensed that one would build a brick wall from duplicity and chicanery. We are even more bewildered that these people have failed to include a gate or even a peep hole for something other than the delusions they’ve been fed. It's a monotonous building of a barrier around them against logic, facts and true information.

Taking a Closer Look

Now, let’s examine this brick wall. Let’s walk up close and inspect the brickwork. First, you will note that it’s not very

Hear the lie, grab a brick. React emotionally, add some mortar to set it well.

high. Anyone building such a wall has only the lies they are clinging to from the mainstream media. Since deceit in the media is repetitive and old lies are generally recycled to keep the listeners distracted, new bricks are rare. Let's remember that the media in all forms are the providers of the bricks. They want you to build away. Those behind the media that create the lies sit behind them and mix the cement to create each brick. Both groups are more than happy to work together.

The people who accept the bricks, react emotionally and build their wall have only the bricks given to them by the media. Again, their wall is never tall. Lies are difficult to maintain and present without getting caught. Hence, the recycling of deceit and the result, a low wall. The person behind the wall could see over them but what is the natural thing to do when a brick wall is in front of you? If there are competing ideas, one can step over or crouch down.

For example, I spoke out regarding the lies someone I know was told about parents wanting to ban books in school. I offered the truth that they didn't want to ban books. Banning is the wrong word. They want to keep sexually explicit material out of the libraries particularly middle school and lower. The response for that person? DUCK! They bent down and stared at their brick wall. They read the brick they'd laid some time ago that said, parents want to ban books. They didn't stand upright. They didn't take this new fact to determine that the brick they laid was a lie. They pointed their finger at the brick and persisted in the banning argument.

Unfortunately, all of that brick building to create the wall deludes them into believing it is secure. They’ve trusted in the hypocrisy that built it, why not trust in the perfidy?

Why We Shouldn't Use a Sledgehammer

Those of us on the other side, competing for the mind of the duped, are prepared to sledgehammer the wall. We have the truth and we carry a pretty large hammer. Have you ever tried to sledgehammer a brick wall? It’s a backbreaking task and often takes more time than is initially calculated. So what should one do?

Do not try to tear it down. Common sense, logic, medical studies, truth, comparisons, or anything else that makes complete sense are sledgehammer blows and they require huge amounts of energy. The wall isn’t tall, but every ounce of the brick layers' energy is engaged in maintaining that wall. They will often continuously reapply more mortar (their emotions) to keep it standing. They hide behind it when they can and pray the facts will merely bounce off. Shouldn’t we keep trying? Shouldn’t we help them see through the propaganda?

Many Crouch Behind Their Brick Walls

We want to make a difference in educating others on truth, right? Unfortunately, these masonry builders will continue to focus on their short wall and cannot take their eyes from it. They cannot see through it and won’t look over. They will crouch behind their stronghold as they reinforce it with lies and deception whispered to them through mass media. Even Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point, author, activist, prolific speaker, and provocateur in high traffic social media where he reaches over 100 million people per month finds many a person who crouches behind their brick wall. The girl he speaks to in this video cannot take in the truth . She crouches behind her wall and points to the lies and propaganda written on every brick. When she can no longer maintain the debate, she uses the crouch and stay quiet tactic.

If Kirk Can't, Are We Doomed?

We're not doomed and I will get to that. Stay with me on this analogy. First, do not waste one second of your precious time trying to knock out those bricks. Do not dither away your energy with a pick, breaking out the pieces of their wall. Instead, step over it. It is never tall enough to hinder you. It is never high enough to stop your forward momentum. It is an illusion to think you must knock it down to keep going. That person is a waste of your energy. At this time so close to the falling of our republic, we must find those who have not built such a wall.

Jump over those short brick walls.

Are all who have believed the lies brick layers? No. There are many people, dare I say most who might still hear the lies, who have picket fences. Those who have been building a wall by false information are often questioning the hypocrisy. They are building a fence or a haphazard brick wall. It is often weak and has spaces in it. They can be reached.

What About Us? Do We Build Brick Walls?

Everyone builds something. It is natural to build fences or walls as we grow from childhood ignorance to adult awareness. We build a reference of everything we learn. It's a collection of what we've kept and what we've discarded. Those of us who see the lies and hypocrisy, throw those bricks away. In fact, we are more pliable with our thinking. Brick will not do with people who know that growth is part of our thinking. Wood is far more flexible. We select fences instead. True, we will want to set some fence posts that ground the fence. These posts are not as flexible or pliant. If we learn information such as the recent facts on the whistle blowers from the IRS, we look back upon our fence and see if it fits. We evaluate, consider and weigh the likelihood it's true. We find the ponderousness of the evidence credible and so add a slat.

The Flexibility in a Picket Fence

So, we are really building picket fences. Generally how much we experience determines the height and length of our fence. How many fence posts we put in is determined by what principles and ideologies we have accepted and adopted as truth. For example, I am a Christian so my fence posts are deep. I am pro-life, so I've set more posts for that ideology. For the slats, I pay attention to facts and information that is real and not filtered through biased media. This gives my fence slats but they are slightly separated to allow for more information. It allows for flexibility and the ability to quickly discard and replace a slat if needed.

To keep our fences together with nails, we have to seek out support for what we know. We cannot accept, at face value, via a single source. I do research on topics that are part of various viewpoints and use that to hammer those slats in place.

My fence though, like yours, is not completely blocked. When we build our fence, we either put distance between the slats so we can talk through it, or a gate to be opened and closed. We can invite others in or keep them out. We allow the fence to filter what is right and true. Our fence is sturdy but not impenetrable. We are able to move in and out and enter each other's fences.

Who Can We Help See Truth? How Can We Know?

Here's where we focus our energy. Amazingly, you will know these people when you come across them. First, there are those whose fence is a mishmash of materials. Second, are those who don’t build one at all. The non-builders are often the people I like to call the “la, la” people. They cover their ears when they hear information and say “la, la, la” to block out the sound. Some are neither brick nor slats. They are crooked or have gaps so big, an elephant can walk through. It is as if they have made attempts to build their fence but have found the process confusing or unworthy of their time. These are the people who we must meet by leaving our own fences and stepping out of the comfort of our own yard.. These are the people that need one of two things, a reason to build a fence, or information on how to build. Let's see this in action. When Ben Shapiro was asked a question by a young lady still trying to build her fence, he was able to use rational ideas, information and logic. She listened and was able to be flexible in her thinking. He literally helped her begin to build her fence by denouncing misinformation for truth and a slat is provided to her.

Providing a Sense of Urgency

For those who lack a reason to build anything, we need to provide a sense of urgency. They are likely lacking facts that show how close to losing our republic we are. They need to know we are on the brink of WWIII. They need to be informed that China is in the process of taking Taiwan and what that means to us. They need to be made aware of the failed policies Biden has enacted that are costing them a fortune in higher prices, interest rates, gas, etc. They need to know how many babies are being aborted in the late trimester and that it is the most common form of birth control. Each day babies are dying when alternative choices would protect the unborn. They need to know how pervasive the human trafficking is in our country though our open border. Essentially, they need a reason to get their fence together.

Children Without a Clue

Then there are those who haven’t a clue how to build their fence. They have laid bricks, built slats, used mortar and nails and it looks like a child has tried to put it together with Legos, Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. This group needs the truth. They need information that is undeniable. They need things clarified, explained and unraveled. They need somewhere to go to get real news and sources that tell the truth. They might need more knowledge such as how the Constitution works, what it says and why it is so important.

Building a fence that is open to others comes at a price. Declaring oneself Christian, pro-life and supporting the ideology of just two genders is not popular. There will be mud slingers. Mud does go right through those slats. Even if they're close together, it's not impenetrable.

Enduring the Mud Slinging

No doubt, those who dare speak these beliefs out loud take their fair share. But a little mud through some slats is survivable. Being resolute might require having to endure vilification or defamation. One need not be afraid though if one is not alone. Take a shower in truth, wisdom and faith. Thank goodness most of us are not speaking at large unwelcoming crowds. We don't have to. In this news report, a student at Boston University speaks out about the "brick wall" students whose goals were merely to slam Shapiro. This is not the space most of us choose to speak about truth. Have no fear. You merely need to speak one to one or small groups. Laying small pieces of information with quick facts is often more effective for the general public we encounter. We will let the Ben Shapiro's of the country do the large crowd work.

Keep Your Fence Tall & Strong

In the end, keep your fence tall and strong. Always be adding nails, adjusting slats and meeting others at your gate. Most importantly is to STEP OVER the short brick walls and be on the lookout for a motley arrangement of Legos, Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. Help unravel the disheveled mess and get it to an upright lovely fence. While you’re at it, always carry with you a sturdy two by four for an easy inclined plane to walk over those short brick walls or even a ladder if your athletic prowess has seen better days. Whether you jump, walk or step over, let the short brick walls pepper the battlefield of the taking back of our republic. They will become monuments to future generations as a warning. So soldier up but leave the sledgehammer at home. We've got work to do.


Kathy Six - Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Gifted and Talented Students. Community involved at her lifelong residence of Fruitport, Michigan. Married to her husband Scott for 40 years and has two married children and four grandchildren. Kathy loves to hunt, fish, playing softball, and reads everything and anything she can get her hands on.


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