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Great Numbers are not Needed!

In 1902, Vladimir Lenin published his famous revolutionary pamphlet titled “What Is to Be Done?” Said Lenin: “Give us an organization of revolutionaries and we will turn Russia upside down.” Great numbers were not needed, but good tactics and supreme dedication were. Indeed, most of us do not realize just how few actual hard-core Bolsheviks were involved at the inception of the Russian Revolution. Similarly, a relatively small initial number of cultural revolutionaries are on the cusp of claiming victory in our own country right under our gaze using our own Constitutional order and institutions against us. So now the question is asked of us: “What is to be done?”

Many Answers

There are as many answers to this question as there are ways in which our society is currently unraveling. We may immediately think of things such as the economy, immigration, race relations, foreign policy, energy, elections, crime, education, abortion, divorce rates, freedom of speech, technology, etc. The list seems exhausting.

Workable Plans and Solutions

Let’s consider things closer to our community and our state for a moment. This is vital because identifying problems is easy, while addressing them is not. We must design workable plans and solutions and be able to execute. Consider this a thought exercise with all of us as participants.

  1. Family & Culture: This must be our first and greatest area of concern. All other political and social problems are downstream from this, and so we must be very open and bold. “Politics are downstream of culture.” Alarmingly, even addressing failed culture seems to be considered off limits. There are elements of our culture that are very sick. For example, most of the poor outcomes we see are related to broken homes and out of wedlock births. We must seek ways to instruct and encourage work, marriage, and responsibility. Almost every inmate in our jails comes from a broken home, and now have children of their own. Fatherlessness is a blight, and studies have proven beyond doubt that children thrive best in the context of a stable home with a married father and mother. Out-of-wedlock birth must be discouraged both culturally and through policy. This may require partnerships between local government and faith communities. It may require introducing new elements of classroom instruction or modification to what is already present. It will require a lot of work from the people who say they want to be “the solution.” We MUST work toward that goal. The messaging through our media and entertainment culture is a cancer that hurts our children most of all. We must direct our strongest effort to fight against it. It is no coincidence that schools and parental rights are now battlefields across the country. Our enemies now strike at the last bastions of our strength and the last elements of our society that yet resist their domination.

  2. Reaching Out: Democrats have largely abandoned key constituencies (union rank-and-file, urban and rural poor, the church) who they take for granted in election after election. We must go where these people are and point this out, while offering an attractive alternative combined with honest concern for their betterment. An example of this might be approaching faith leaders and asking to listen to them and to, in turn, present our positions and our plans to them and to their congregations. We should, with humility, ask for their help. Involving local churches in some capacity with GOP efforts is not optional. Chelsea Clinton walked right in to one of the largest churches in Muskegon Heights in 2016 to campaign politically for her mother to a receptive congregation with whom neither she nor her mother shared ANYTHING in common.

  3. Decentralization: Lansing has done almost nothing for us. Our “damn” roads are still a ruin. 1The most recent State budget allocated $380 million for roads & bridges while allocating $450 million for parks. 2 We must look to ourselves rather than be dependent on far-away governments. This might take the form of business-education-community partnerships with the aim of internships, hiring and training. Fruitport HS, for example, does a great job placing HS students with local businesses. It might involve community cleanup and repair projects. It will involve a high level of visibility from the local Republican Party.

  4. Involvement and Recruitment: We need Precinct Delegates, School Board Members, Poll Watchers, etc. We must continue to encourage everyone to join our family!

Restore, Build, and Make New

The above items only scratch the surface. Ideas are at a premium, and the GOP is open to yours! The state and county Democratic Party ran out of new ideas around the time LBJ left office and since then have either taken for granted or turned on many of their old constituencies. Their increasingly radical party leadership works against labor, families, faith communities and historically proven traditional values. As a result, they have granted us a substantial opening to greatly increase our vote share of these constituencies, and to show our community the tangible benefits we can provide. Let the Democratic Party be the party of waste, wreck, and ruin. As Republicans we will restore, build, and make new.

~ unum de multis

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