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You're Not Crazy: We're in "Bizarro World"

By, Kathy Six

April 19, 2023

Are We Living in a Twilight Zone?

This week, on another episode of Parallel Universe, a man attempts to stop a thief intending to burglarize cars in a parking garage. When confronted by our hero, the car garage worker, the thief pulled a gun and shot our hero twice. In an amazing twist of fate, Moussa Diara managed to wrestle the gun from the criminal and shoot back. He woke up the next morning in the hospital charged with assault and illegal possession of a firearm. Stay tuned for another episode of Parallel Universe. Now if only that story and others were only happening on a TV program much like The Twilight Zone, but not so. We are actually living in a parallel world.

Parallel Reality

There’s a series on Netfilx called Dark which delves into parallel worlds. In the end, there are three worlds and though occasionally confusing, each time the same people are involved but their roles as protagonist or antagonist are interchangeable. It makes for great entertainment, however, none of us want to live in confusing upside down worlds. But here we are.

Brilliant Men

Most of the citizens in our country live in the world where our founding principles were developed in the minds of brilliant men and expressed through the Federalist Papers. Following this, these men, during and following the Revolutionary War, set down the republic and spelled out its ideology through the Bill of Rights and finally, the full Constitution.

In this world, the citizens understand our country’s historical events both good and bad. Further, they were taught in school, communism, socialism, and tyranny. They were taught how much our brilliant forefathers had thought through this new republic in spite of the bumps along the way. In this universe, the citizens also learned the rule of law and that justice is blind.

Are We Living in a State of Confusion?

Welcome to the parallel universe. In recent years, all previous generations have come to a shocking realization. This parallel universe has been developing and intertwined with their world, and they have no idea how this parallel universe came to exist. Considering we still live in a republic and the Constitution is still supposed to be the law of the land, we are suffering the same type of confusion of our characters' experience in the show, Dark.

Let’s just point out the obvious from the beginning. Justice is no longer blind.

When our current president can break the law multiple times without repercussions while a previous president and the opponent of the current administration is arrested on drummed up charges, justice is not blind.

On Tuesday, April 3, 2023, President Trump was arrested on 34 counts in which the indictment primarily focuses on hush money paid to Stormy Daniels. To make this work, the prosecutor, Bragg, had to use a payment president Trump gave to his lawyer, connect this payment to a supposed hush money pay off to Stormy Daniels for an alleged affair, and go a step further by insisting it was done to help Trump’s campaign. In spite of Stormy Daniels insisting when it first made news she had not had an affair with Trump, therefore eliminating the motivation for the purpose of the payout, Bragg persisted in making the connection.

The payment to the lawyer was put in the wrong place in Trump’s tax documents. There’s no denying the book work error, however, this error is merely a misdemeanor and the offense has passed the statute of limitations timeline making it non indictable.

Let's Call This "Bizarro World"

In our cosmos where right is right and justice is blind, this case is closed or more accurately, would never have occurred. Bragg clearly lives in his own parallel universe. Let’s call it “bizarro world” where right is wrong and wrong is right. To make right, wrong, he had to puzzle out a way to make the book work error a federal offense and then, further, to figure out a way to keep it within the statute of limitations. Bragg asserts that this payment was not only connected to a woman denying having had an affair with Trump, but was meant to assist Trump in his candidacy as president. Never mind that it was paid after he had already won the presidency. But in “parallel universe”, none of that matters

New York is a Growing Cancer

In an episode on Seinfield, our character, Elaine, faces a backwards and upside down situation when she meets three characters opposite in every way of her current group of friends. Elaine was eventually forced to decide which world to live in. It made for good humor. What's not so humorous is Bragg, who resides in our world and has turned the state of New York upside down where “bizarro” world, like cancer, is growing. He persists in doing everything opposite of proper legal conduct for any lawyer in any state of the US. While he insufficiently prosecutes violent crime in his state, he is grasping at an absurd phantasmic prosecution of his nemesis, Donald Trump. Let us be reminded that Bragg had flagrantly pointed out and hung his hat on the “get Trump'' slogan as part of his own campaign. Nothing suspicious to see here. Let us also be reminded that Bragg is the key player in the Moussa indictment.

Destroying Normalcy

If you’ve watched any episodes of Stranger Things, you know how the parallel world was evil and intent on destroying the “normal” world. It certainly feels to many of us that we too are fighting the depravity of our own upside down world. Let’s compare files that have left the government under questionable circumstances. As far back as any one can see, presidents leave the White House with documents. Due to the Espionage Act of 1917. Presidents, as a rule, take documents related specifically to themselves and generally hold no value when it comes to national security. Truth be told, rarely are the documents even checked when a president leaves office. There is the assumption that presidents have no plans to retire in the espionage business and the secret service surrounds them for life, yet documents that leave with them are generally treated with low due diligence.

Right for Me, But Not for Thee!

This was no different when Trump left office. He took documents like his predecessors. However, the raid on Trump’s residence of Mar-La-Go in August of 2022 has now suddenly made the previous practice permissible for

for democratic presidents only. Precipitously, those benign documents were putting our country at national risk. No matter that they were kept in a residence where the secret service continuously protects Trump’s home and its contents, yet there was an urgency of the FBI that surely Trump’s documents were different from previous presidents. To add intrigue, recent whistle blowers have revealed that the raid conducted by the FBI was ordered by the current President’s administration. This makes Watergate seem benign.

Meanwhile, the current President, Biden, is discovered to have files taken from the government and held at Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C. and worse, another set are located in an unsecured garage in his home in Delaware. Well, presidents often take documents, right? Wait, we are in “bizarro world”. He actually took them while he was a senator and vice president, not president. Merely removing the documents from the government as a senator or VP is a federal offense. Whether they are of national security is irrelevant considering he hadn’t had the legal right to remove them in the first place. So Biden is being indicted and impeached, right? Not in “bizarro world”. As a matter of fact, after even more documents are located in other locations equaling an enormous amount of information removed illegally, there is absolutely no pursuant charges against Biden by the DA, FBI or CIA.

What Happened to Checks & Balances?

“Right-side up world” has checks and balances for such corruption. One of the primary ways to help keep corruption at bay is freedom of the press. The press strives to expose corruption and provide transparency for the public. We depend on the press to do the work ordinary citizens cannot. Reporters often strove for the best stories in hopes of becoming known for their work and having the potential of winning a Pulitzer Prize. Breaking stories were commonplace a mere 50 years ago. When Watergate was big news, it was clear the press did not protect the government from scandal. If it was wrong, then it was printable regardless of the status of the person involved. The press was rewarded for their breaking news and cover ups were exactly what they exposed.

Aiding & Abiding; The Silence of the Press

In “upside down world” the primary job of the press is to hide, not expose corruption. When the Washington Post was forced to write a retraction on a phone call between Trump and a Georgia official regarding election results, one cannot overlook the fact that multiple news sources “independently” came to the same conclusion about this phone call. Strange how multiple sources can all discover the same error and produce the same talking points while claiming to be working independently. Of course, they all did their own retraction, right? Wrong. Only the Post wrote a retraction after being strong-armed into the admission.

The Hunter Biden laptop would certainly be a huge feather in the cap of any reporter wishing to break a story. Yet, there was media silence until James Rosen of Sinclair Broadcasting broke the story. It would seem every big news media would gobble this story up in an effort to avoid being considered “out of the know”. What followed was more media silence. Only via social media was word getting out about Hunter’s dealings overseas and his father’s connections to these deals. Still today, four years after the FBI became aware of these illegal dealings, the mainstream media avoids reporting of the Biden’s family’s improper dealings and connections to countries like Ukraine and China. Except for minor reports after the 2020 election, this topic is not one the mainstream media wants to touch in spite of the huge exposure they would receive for such a breaking story.

How Many Genders?

We cannot ignore how “right side up world” has always recognized two genders based on assignment at birth. Doctors are cognizant of the fact that anything outside of the norms of sexual organ development of boy or girl is an anomaly. Since DNA and chromosome science is well advanced, even anomalies can be sorted out rather quickly. Sexual identity is a separate matter and determined by adults through choice and most definitely after puberty. Psychologists identify those who struggle with brain and body disassociation as body dysmorphia, since the intentions when all goes right of human birth through old age is the brain and body are congruent. Choosing a sexual partner/s is not considered body dysmorphia since it is a behavior one chooses.

Enter “up side down world”. In this world, boys can say that they are girls and it is to be accepted as such. Girls can claim to be boys even though their bodies are entirely female. Men say they are women and women say they are men. In this world, it is unacceptable to question these claims. Men who claim to be women are allowed to use female restrooms, compete in women’s sports and use women’s dressing rooms. If one finds this objectionable, they are considered to be caviling, discriminating, and oppressive. As if this weren’t opposite enough of “right side up world”, we must add options for humans to identify in the plural or even as animals. Children are encouraged to choose alternate identities and cajoled into running with such ideas. Adults offer up things like puberty blockers and irreparable surgeries. And in spite of the requirement to be 18 to join the military, 21 to purchase or consume alcohol, 18 to smoke cigarettes, and 18 to vote, children under 18 can claim to be transgender or even an animal. Credence is given to their claims as if they are adults with brains that are finished growing and bodies that have finished puberty. It would be incongruent to even consider children capable of making decisions that would have an impact lasting their entire lives. Especially while they navigate puberty with hormones raging through their bodies causing huge physical changes that are difficult to adjust to. As their brains are adapting to their ever changing bodies, thousands of doctors and specialists maintain these teenagers are qualified to make life changing decisions about their development.

The Path to Unsecured Elections

Also, “right side up world” prefers elections to be fair, honest and transparent. People should provide proof of their identity, be given one vote for each election, and internet interference should not be allowed. Those unable to make it to a voting precinct on voting day should be able to demonstrate what prevents them from making it to a precinct and be provided one ballot to that person’s residence that can be mailed to their precinct. Up until the election of 2020, voting was done primarily in this fashion.

Enter “bizarro world”. In this upside down thinking, anyone should get to vote via ballots sent to their home, unsecured, then mailed or, even crazier, dropped off in a public drop box. Drop boxes are everywhere and the oversight for them is minimal with little to no chain of custody. Anyone who dares to suggest proving one’s identity as essential for a fair election is branded a racist. When video evidence is presented of someone taking out suitcases of ballots and running them through the machine illegally, there is distraction, accusation, or suppression in the media. It’s pivotal to ignore anyone and everyone who speaks up regarding election integrity. All people who dare shall be branded election deniers and treated with insolence.

The National Terrorism of Religion

Part of the magic of the United States is the acceptance of multifarious faiths. Unless a religion interferes with the rights of the citizens in or outside of the faith, acceptance is guaranteed. It’s so important to our country, our founding fathers wrote it into the Constitution. There is an incredible amount of latitude with religions. Not in the parallel universe. Suddenly, mainstay faiths that have existed peacefully for over two thousand years, become nefarious. The FBI digs their talons in as they convince priests to reveal other priests or parishioners who are potential terrorists. With zero evidence of anything pernicious in nature occurring in the church or among the priests or parishioners, the FBI is besieging upon them as if they were terrorists in training.

Fight to Return our Normalcy

If you are suddenly feeling like your “right side up world” is upside down, you’re not alone. As in fiction, reality requires the same strenuous effort to upright the ship so to speak. Those who can see their world in the incorrect position are those needed to armor up and fight to return it to the former “rightness” no matter how hard the opposing people try to convince them everything is as it should be. If you are able to see the absurdity of our mixed up world, armor up soldier, we have a lot of work to do.


Kathy Six - Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Gifted and Talented Students. Community involved at her lifelong residence of Fruitport, Michigan. Married to her husband Scott for 40 years and has two married children and four grandchildren. Kathy loves to hunt, fish, playing softball, and reads everything and anything she can get her hands on.


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