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A Resolution To End U.S. Financial Aid to the Republic of Azerbaijan

August 23, 2023

With an ongoing conflict between the countries of Azerbaijan & Armenia (previous territories of Russia) over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan has initiated a reign of terror upon the people of Nagorno-Karabakh and are guilty of committing crimes against humanity. Since April, 2023, the Biden Administration has been sending millions of tax-payer funds in financial aid to Azerbaijan.

On August 21, 2023, The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee unanimously approved a resolution calling for an end of tax payer subsidies to the Republic of Azerbaijan. Read the full resolution below.

Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee

Resolution Calling for an End to US Taxpayer Subsidy of Dictator Ilham Aliyev and the Republic of Azerbaijan

Be it Resolved that whereas Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act forbids US financial aid to the Republic of Azerbaijan,

And whereas President Joseph Biden has issued a Presidential Waiver of Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act overriding that prohibition of US Financial aid to the Republic of Azerbaijan,

And whereas that Republic is in fact an initiator off aggressive war against the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh, leading to widespread death and destruction,

And whereas international organizations, including the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention and the International Court of Justice, have issued findings and rulings calling for an end to Azerbaijan’s humanitarian blockade of 120,000 Artsakhians (including 30,000 children) which Azerbaijan has ignored,

And whereas Azerbaijan occupies most of Artsakh subsequent to the 44 Day of Terror War of Aggression in 2020, and following incursions last year occupies a significant amount of Armenian territory,

And whereas Azerbaijani soldiers engage in beheadings, rape and torture of civilians and military (including woman) while Azerbaijan continues to hold Armenian prisoners, illegally, and commits cultural genocide and destruction in areas under Azerbaijani occupation,

And whereas Azerbaijan engages in 24/7 Armenophobic racist propaganda and hate mongering, as it threatens large scale invasions of Armenia while attempting to starve Artsakh into submission,

And whereas Azerbaijani soldiers engage in daily shooting at Armenian civilians disrupting economic life and have been shooting at an American/Armenian economic joint venture wounding two workers of Indian nationality,

Therefore the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee Resolves that US subsidy and support for Azerbaijan should cease with Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act immediately enforced, US Department of Defense collaboration with Azerbaijan at all levels be ended with all American and Azerbaijan personnel involved in this returning to their home countries and that Azerbaijan should release all Armenian prisoners and remove its illegal blockade of Artsakh to be followed y Azerbaijani occupation forces being withdrawn from Artsakh and Armenia.

Upon adoption this resolution shall be transmitted electronically to each of the Republican GOP Chairs in each of the 83 counties in Michigan and to all elected officials that represent Muskegon County.

Passed unanimously by The Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee on August 21, 2023


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