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Action Alert! STOP Abortion Funding with Our Tax Dollars!

The Michigan House Health Safety Committee is meeting tomorrow, Thursday, 14th September, at 10 AM in House building B501.

This item affects ALL taxpayers and PRIVATE insurance requirements to fund abortions.

The two bills for discussion are HB 4958 & 4959, with proposed amendments.

HB 4958: Is proposed amendments to repeal MCL 400 - sections109a, 109d and 109.e.

  • Section 109a: Prohibits reimbursement of ANY public funds for abortions.

  • Section 109d: Prohibits Medicare funding of abortions.

  • Section 109e: Prohibits a health care professional from "knowingly accepting reimbursement for an abortion that comes from public funds".

HB 4959 is proposed amendments to MCL 400 - 108 & 109. Section 109 is the concern:

Section 109, (i), line 22: Lifts the prohibition of state & private health insurance providers from funding abortions and requires them to start covering the costs.

The meeting was removed from the schedule on the website. Probably to deter pro-life advocates from attending and voicing their opposition.

The bills are viewable by clicking on them below:

Will you speak up for LIFE?

Are you or someone you know available to be in Lansing on Thursday morning? Please join us at 9 AM. Please contact your representatives listed below and also pray for the meeting.

{We also suggest voicing your opinion to Democrat representatives as well. They do not know what we think regarding issues if we do not let them know!)


To find other State Representatives, click here.

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