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By, Aaron Kleinhecksel

April 19, 2023

in·​sur·​rec·​tion: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government; implies an armed uprising

March 2011. Leftists, Socialists, Democrat Activists (including many from outside the state) and Wisconsin State public employee union members & supporters bullied their way inside and occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol building for 17 days, paralyzing the government. Democrat legislators fled the State to avoid doing their jobs – all in an attempt to oppose Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to bring the state’s budget under control. No one was arrested. Media verdict: not an insurrection.

December 2012. Union members and Democrats protested Right-to-work legislation in the Michigan State Capitol building. Media verdict: not an insurrection.

January 2017. Violent protests by Democrat and leftist activists and Black Block terrorists erupted in Washington, D.C. to oppose the Inauguration of President Trump by means of “direct action.” Media verdict: free speech and justifiable anger over the recent election.

May 2020. Historic St. Johns Church was set on fire across the street from the White House and businesses were looted as violent protests in Washington, D.C. prompted President Trump to be escorted to a bunker for his safety. Media verdict: understandable, most definitely not an insurrection.

August 2020. Senator Rand Paul, his wife and other guests were harassed and physically assaulted by a leftist mob after leaving the nomination of Trump to be the GOP Presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention in Washington D.C., just one block from the White House. Media verdict: mostly justified, Republicans should know better than to walk down a public street.

Summer 2020. Violent riots across the country, many people killed, countless police vehicles destroyed and burned up, government buildings vandalized, burned, occupied. Media verdict: mostly peaceful, and if not then, well, totally understandable of course.

January 2021. Following a Trump rally, unarmed protestors went to the U.S. Capitol building to emphasize their displeasure over the recent Presidential election. Against Trump’s wishes, some of those protestors broke into the Capitol building, and Congress was moved out of the building. They returned later in the day after the protestors left to conduct their vote to certify the election of Joe Biden as President. Media verdict: Insurrection directed by Trump, and a flagrant attempt to take over the entire government of the U.S. through the use of unlawful force.

March 29 2023 - the day of the gunning down of 3 Christian children and 3 of their teachers at a Christian school in Nashville by a radical trans activist. Trans activist protestors invaded the Kentucky State Capitol to stop legislation they opposed. Media verdict: Free Speech for the virtuous defenders of the oppressed

March 30, 2023. The next day after the Nashville Christian School shooting, the Tennessee State Capitol was actually filled with angry pro-trans and anti-gun protestors, stopping business and threatening lawmakers. Media verdict? Awww, you guessed it: fully justified of course! When 2 lawmakers (who were also community organizers and social justice activists, and who were inciting the mob to further chaos) were expelled days later by the Tennessee General Assembly, they were instantly made heroes by our friends in the media. Forgotten in all of this, of course, were the 3 dead children and their teachers, and their families. In an attempt at redress and healing, Vice President Kamala Harris herself visited days later, to console the families of the murdered… no, wait that’s not right… she went to a college and railed against the expulsion of the radical legislators and honored them as glorious fighters for free speech, gun control and anti-racism.

April 24, 2023. Leftist LGBTQIA+ extremists stormed the Montana State Capitol, disrupting and halting the proceedings of government until law enforcement was able to regain control of the riotous situation. The mob was there to support a transexual state representative in his attempt to stop a bill prohibiting sex change / “gender-reassignment” surgeries and treatment for minors. Media chorus? The usual… no insurrection, just righteous demonstrations for “trans rights,” in this case minor access to gender re-assignment procedures and hormone treatment.

We could go on and on, but the point is made. The extensive photo collages of occupied, burned, and defaced government buildings and monuments; the burning and wrecked police cars; the wounded and killed innocents and police; the harassed and threatened lawmakers; and the violent demonstrations carried out on behalf of leftist, “progressive,” and Democrat Party-aligned groups over the last several years is truly monstrous and has indeed risen to the level of an actual threat to the Republic.



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