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Christmas Party Recap

By Michelle Hazekamp

December 12, 2021

Many came together to celebrate the Christmas season!

Saturday, December 11, the room was packed at Whitlow's Event Center as patriots came to celebrate the joy of the season and enjoy each other's fellowship one last time as the year 2021 comes to an end.

Room Full of Spirit and Patriotism

The Christmas party was yet another great event put on by the GOP Events Committee, with beautifully decorated tables, good food, talk, great auction prizes and lots of good cheer. As we approach Christmas Day and reflect on the birth of Christ, this crowd of patriots is also a reflection of the love we have displayed in Christ, by way of coming together to save this nation He has so graciously blessed us with. This event represented a room full of Christian warriors brought together over a year ago, still standing for what is right and just. I am awe-struck at how God has moved each of us individually and how He led us into a movement so great, it was not even imagined such a short time ago. Many great friendships have been formed, and I believe most of us can agree these are not just friendships that have developed solely due to our like-mindedness and patriotism to our country and constitution, but more so a large spiritual pulling of Christian warriors who were created for this time.

Looking Back and How Far We Have Come

The Christmas party was a relaxed gathering and time for socializing. Although there were no guest speakers lined up, attendee's included gubernatorial candidates for Governor, Donna Brandenburg and Tudor Dixon, State Representative Greg VanWoerkom, Muskegon County Commissioners Kim Cyr, Zach Lahring and Malinda Pego. Zach Lahring and Malinda Pego, who are also Chairman and Vice Chairwoman of the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee did take the stage and gave details of what they are up against as county commissioners and the relentless un-constitutional spending of our tax payer dollars. Mr. Lahring reminisced what the GOP looked like when he first entered the political arena, trying to become a delegate. It took him a year to track down a member of the GOP who could tell him where and when they held their executive committee meetings, which was in someone's basement at the time. GOP events such as the Freedom Roundup and Christmas parties we have attended this past year, did not exist. He went on to explain how strong the Democratic Party is and how much more money they receive in donations, (which far exceeds the Republican Party), yet we Republican Patriots have a genuine purpose behind us, and that is what makes us strong. Due to the new district lines that have been approved by the Muskegon County Apportionment board, Mr. Lahrings commission district has been added to Commissioner Pego's district. Commissioner Lahring has been a stronghold against the establishment here in Muskegon County, creating much controversy and chaos. He is the bulldog that has confronted wrongful issues within the county and is not afraid to voice his concerns and opinions as he stands up for the citizens of Muskegon. Together, him and Commissioner Pego have spearheaded a constitutional stand against the establishment. Commissioner Lahring praised Commissioner Pego for her dedication, natural political mind-set and knowledge. "She was born to do this," Commissioner Lahring stated. Commissioner Pego has a passion within her in regards to our constitutional values given to us by God and our Founding Fathers that few have, and she has sacrificed much in her un-wavering dedication to fight for Muskegon County, our nation and restore those values that make us great. We have come a long way in Muskegon, but as Commissioner Pego stated, we need more true patriots to run for both local and state political offices, and vote out the current corrupt administration. We also need more volunteers for all committee's. Although we have become a force to be reckoned with in recent times, we as conservatives have always been more reserved in taking action. It is a fact that the Democrats are more active and organized than we are, still. It's time we become more powerful than them.

Volunteer of the Year

Each year a Volunteer of the Year award is presented to someone who has noticeably worked hard and even went above and beyond their call of duty. The award was previously known as the "Veronica Buckley Volunteer of the Year Award," however, it was decided this year to change the name to the "Pat Camp Volunteer of the Year Award" due to Pat being the longest standing active Republican member and volunteer. Pat has been serving Muskegon County and the GOP for many decades. This year the award was presented to, our Events Chairwoman, Deb Null, and has no doubt earned it. She dedicated many hours in 2021 to planning and organizing all our events and has worked relentlessly to making sure we have an enjoyable time along with lining up the quest speakers, such as Matt DePerno, Kristina Karamo, Ryan Kelley, Melissa Carone and more. The Muskegon GOP has been so grateful to her and her team for all their hard work and accomplishments. Sadly, the Christmas party was Deb's last event as she is retiring as Chairwoman of the Events Committee. Her primary focus will be on her profession, saving the lives of unborn babies, where she is currently the Executive Director of Muskegon Pregnancy Services and will be busy overseeing the opening of more clinics in West Michigan. We wish Deb many blessings with this very important mission. It is unknown at this time who Deb's replacement will be for the Events Committee, however, rest assured we will continue with her legacy.

Blessings to All

As we finish out the year of 2021, may all of you and your families be blessed this Christmas season. We are grateful to God for creating this family of spirit-filled patriots and bringing us together for a cause that is righteous and good. Praise be to God, who gave us the greatest gift of all, the only reason for the season, His only son born to be the hope and light of the world, Prince of Peace and Savior to all. Through Him all things are possible! Merry Christmas!


Michelle Hazekamp is a Muskegon County business, owner Precinct Delegate and a member of the Muskegon GOP Executive Committee. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelorette in Science and a minor in History.


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