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Help Us STOP Funding Leftist Indoctrination in Muskegon County

Muskegon Community College is planning to become the focal point for Critical Race Theory/DEI "training" for the entire Muskegon area. It is Anti-American, Marxist and Discriminatory. MCC is a tax payer-funded school and accountable to voters. NOW is the time for public input!

Please attend the MCC Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, July 14th at 12:30 PM with a 2 minute public comment at Muskegon Community College, 221 Quarterline Rd., Muskegon MI 49442, Room 1300

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. With words like these, you might think the DEI was there to provide a harmonious learning environment for people of all backgrounds and worldviews, think again. These departments are out to eradicate conservative ideals, and they are popping up in municipalities, colleges, universities, non-profits, and corporations in western civilizations around the globe.

Muskegon County is considering to give away $25,000 of your taxpayer dollars to support a "task-force" that will hep implement CRT into MCC's Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Goals of the DEI are to:

  • Institutionalize leftist indoctrination of our young people with taxpayer dollars.

  • Act as a cudgel against America's founding principles of equality, opportunity, individualism, grit, and the desire to overcome

  • Champion the impossible goal of equality of outcome.

  • Pit groups of people against the others based on perceived victimhood status.

  • Lionize sexual perversion as a supreme right, which others are forced to affirm regardless of conviction.

  • Institutionalize systemic racism via Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Do you want your children to live in a world where they: Are afraid of failing a class for having the wrong worldview? Or are told they are automatically racist because of the skin they were born with? Or they face punishment for "mis-gendering" someone against their preference? This is the culture these DEI departments create. They are not only an exorbitant waste of our public funds, but they are contrary to a functioning and fair society based on equal opportunities.

You have the power to fight against leftist extremism in Muskegon County, and it's way more powerful than voting every other year. You can make a difference now. But hurry, there's not much time!

Get Equipped

The following video will equip you to understand and explain why DEI is one of greatest threats to a free, constitutional society:

Jordan Peterson - Diversity, Inclusivity & Equity (15:50)

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity vs. The Scientific Method | Gad Saad & Jordan B. Peterson

The Pathology of Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity - Dr. Jordan B Peterson

Here is an alternative Resolution regarding DEI/CRT with excellent talking points.

Alternative Resolution to DEI_CRT
Download PDF • 129KB

Here is a copy of the Board of Commissioner's Agenda

Full Board Agenda Packet for June 29th-F
Download • 1.09MB

How We Can Win This Battle

1) Go to the County Commissioner meeting Tues., June 29 at 4 PM

4pm Tuesday June 29, 2021

4th Floor Commissioners Board Room

Muskegon County Hall of Justice

990 Terrace St Muskegon MI 49442

Comment at the County Courthouse building and let your voice be heard. Tell your elected commissioners you don't want your money being used to preach racist CRT dogma. If you care about our community, be there!

2) Call, text, and email the following commissioners who are considering this proposal and respectfully let your opinions be known. Suggested talking points can be found in the "Alternative Resolution to DEI_CRT.pdf" file above.

Rillistine Wilkins - (231) 733-1581

Marcia Hovey-Wright - (231) 740-8492

Susie Hughes - (231) 740-1694

Bob Scolnik - (231) 798-2828

Charles Nash -