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Exposing the Deep State; Recap

By Michelle Hazekamp

May 10, 2023

If you missed the special movie premiere Sunday evening, "Exposing the Deep State," there is now an opportunity to watch it online, by clicking here.

Curtis Clark, a Michigan native who authored and produced "Exposing the Deep State," has been investigating the conspiracy of a "One World Order" since his time in the military. Curtis is a 25 year Army Veteran from Allegan, MI. and worked in broadcasting for a short period while in Iraq. He is also the founder of Patriot Approved Media, by which he produced this film. Curtis Clark made a special appearance on Sunday evening, May 7 and gave a brief bio on himself and told of when he first learned of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the existence of a globalist agenda.

In "Exposing the Deep State," Curtis gives us a glimpse into a web of collaboration between world leaders, elites and non-governmental organizations such as The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, Facebook, The W.H.O., NATO and the United Nations, etc. All who are unified towards the success of world power and control.

In the film he goes further to explain how the phrase, "You will own nothing and be happy" fits into the 15 minute city agenda, and how we are currently being conditioned for this as ownership has steadily transferred to non-tangible "subscription fee's" for items we once had physical possession of. And all the while, we only perceive this as new 'convenience's' amongst an ever advancing technological world.

President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex and their growing power. With the uprising of public/private partnerships between government and corporations, and their unified cohort that continues to chip away at our liberties and freedoms since the beginning of Covid, we are now witnessing exactly that of which Eisenhower was waring us about. JFK gave further warning in his "Secret Society" speech, as he courageously pledged war against those threatening our sovereignty. In "Exposing the Deep State," we can begin to see the extent at which the Globalist have gone, and will continue to bring their agenda to fruition.

You can view the 30 minute film, "Exposing the Deep State" online by clicking the link below. Curtis Clark will be producing sequels to come out shortly. We will make announcements as sequels become available and/or you can check often at Patriot Approved Media on Rumble.


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