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Face Off: Elite "Democratic" Politicians VS. the People They Work For

By Kathy Six

March 8, 2022

An Iconic Movement

We saw in February 2022 patriotic truckers in the Freedom Convoy starting in British Columbia and arriving in Canada’s capital Ontario. It was a peaceful protest by and for the people of Canada to be heard by Canadian leaders.

They want their freedom back!

These families, grandmothers, and hardworking truckers were committed to not only follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s model for peaceful protests, they were determined to surpass it with Canadian flare.

The Freedom Convoy gained worldwide acclaim from patriotic citizens and independent media from around the globe, not only for their courage and sacrifice, it was above and beyond that. Their movement was iconic, filled with heartwarming scenes of peaceful protests, united singing of their national anthem, selfless acts of service to the community, and the brilliant yet annoying Honk! Honk!

That clarion call not only connoted their national symbol of Canadian geese, but represented their livelihood, their reason for their passionate struggle for freedom. The health mandates had become a fundamental threat to their way of life.

The Peasants Must be Silenced

However, the elite policymakers with their media propagandists (some of which are funded directly by the government) and brutal police henchmen reacted with contempt, slander and violence. No seat at the table, no listening to grievances, and definitely no loosening of mandates. How dare they!

These peasants must be silenced. Their trucks and bank accounts must be seized. They must be crushed!

So these elites declared a state of emergency to execute vengeance. They alone turned peaceful protests and national solidarity into fear, violence and chaos. They succeeded to deepen and widen the vast cavern between them and Canadian citizens. Was this to be expected?

No Understanding of the "Common Man"

Look at the lifestyle of Trudeau. Raised in an elitist family with his father as Prime Minister, he has no experience or understanding of the working citizen. One might hope that perhaps he could still identify with the common man, in which case, his leadership and policies would reflect that understanding. Recent events have enlightened us otherwise.

Trudeau entered the political arena immediately after college. His lack of understanding the common people was evident early on as he attended "cash for access" fundraisers at $1,500 a plate. Once called out on such fundraiser activity, he lobbied for eliminating these events, thus bowing to whom he can benefit from the most. He also took elaborate family vacations like the one in 2017 at Aga Khan IV's private island, in which he violated the "Conflict of Interest Act" for Canada with no guilt or repercussions. This screams of entitlement.

Trudeau even went so far as to suggest to Governor General Julie Payette that parliament should be dissolved, thereby trying to push Canada towards a Communist government. Is it no wonder he is incensed the convoy is not bowing to his demands? He has inserted himself upon the pedestal of the elites because of his sense of entitlement.

A New Style of Elitism in America

But let's look into our own elitists here in the U.S., Barack Obama is a good place to start since he developed a new style of elitism and power in our government. While Obama committed an array of elitist actions, carefully moving the chess pieces into place, we were not only kept in the dark by the media, but we did more complaining than acting. And, I dare suggest the common American middle class person was asleep at the wheel during those eight years. One might argue that Obama isn't an elitist since his background was of humble means. That does not stop one from developing into an elitist. Thomlinson Douthat perfectly defined elitism in an article written in

"...elitism is the belief that the people who have such accomplishments to their credit are more worthy of respect than those who, for whatever reason, do not.

The elephant in the room was his first giant elite chess move, Obamacare.

This was his design to usher in social healthcare, and displayed reckless disregard for what the American people wanted when polls showed more than eighty percent of the people did not want the government running their health care. Worse yet, we were completely in the dark of what was actually in Obamacare. When asked what was in it, Hillary replied by stating, "We should pass it to find out." To add insult to injury, punishment was attached. Don't want it? Pay a fine. In other words, I know what's best for you and I'll behave like a scolding parent if you don't comply.

The Gatekeepers of Pomposity

Elitists also love to be gatekeepers. In their pomposity, they want to make sure you only pass through the door with their blessing. Nothing could have given us better evidence of this attitude when Edward Snowden spilled regarding the full scale spying that Obama fully supported on every day Americans. Then there's Benghazi. When given the opportunity to send more security for a senator and his staff in Libya, Obama refused Clinton's request. Worse, when the military offered helicopters from Italy who were ready to rescue survivors and the bodies of the dead from the embassy, he left them to flounder in the aftermath. What mattered more to Obama was his reputation for the next election. He had, after all, promised us that Al Qaeda was on the run. How could he allow the military to get facts from the scene if he was to blame it on the video "Innocence of Muslims"? Elitists do not like to be humbled or worse, questioned by commoners.

Biden was trained under Obama for eight years. Biden had been a feckless politician his entire life. He barely graduated from Syracuse where he claimed he was at the top of his class when he was actually 6th from the bottom. No matter, graduating from Syracuse and becoming a politician clearly gave him his own sense of elitist status, however, being VP seemed to change what was once a moderate politician into an extreme elitist. The leap to the presidency (albeit under suspicious circumstances at best), Biden took on a sense of elitism that some might argue even over shadows Obama.

Slick Speech's of Lies

Elitists also have an innate tendency to lie. They lie often and big. You see, if you believe you are above the populace, you assume their right to question the efficacy of your claims as ridiculous. Worse, get the media to back you up and now you're invincible. Obama was a pretty solid liar. He was good at it, using circular speech and thought quick enough to turn, spin, and duck when needed. His lies were often harder to track down or pull apart. For example, he claimed during his 2012 State of the Union speech, “American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years.” What he didn't tell you was that 96% of the increase was private oil that Obama had no part of. Federally owned fields decreased by 275,000 barrels a day. Slick speech with difficult to separate facts made lies formidable to nail down. Biden, on the other hand, lacks the artful dodge of his predecessor. His lies have become fodder for the dinner table. Jokes about driving an 18 wheeler and graduating top of your class are easy grabs for humor. He lies, in part, because he believes himself above scrutiny. Many might argue he is simply not lucid enough and is confused, however, his lies did not just begin in the last couple of years. He has lied over an 18 year period about the accident where his daughter was killed. No matter that the reports released on the accident clearly stated the driver of the tractor-trailer had no alcohol in his system, Biden repeated the driver was drunk.

Old Money vs. New Money

The accusations from the progressive left of Trump being an elitist simply because his father was a profitable business man and Trump had become a billionaire are a give away of their own elite attitudes. If you're old enough to remember the terms, old money and new money, this is a perfect analogy. Biden, Obama, AOC, Pelosi and a host of others stand atop the hill scoffing with their arms crossed from "old money" at the newcomer with their "how dare he" attitude as he comes from new money, which ironically he earned himself. The elitists are incensed that he stand among other elitists. What they didn't see coming was that President Trump had absolutely no interest in becoming an elitist and did not stand among them. In fact, he had a mind to improve on the lives of "ordinary folk", the working man, the minorities and everyone else elites snub their noses at. Trump, in fact, spoke so unlike an elitist, it unnerved the group of politicians who'd achieved their elite status working hard at proving how exceptional they are.

God Made our Souls Equal

America is a country of variations as great as any country on earth. We range from the poorest of the poor to some of the most wealthy on the planet. We have every creed and religion and combination of those thereof possible. Most of what we want in life are the same; to be healthy, happy and pursue our dreams. We want to be free to choose our destiny. You would be hard pressed to find a single person who would tell you that they would love for an elitist to tell them what to do and how to live. Yet, many have succumbed to the pressure of elitists by doing just that. So how do we prevent ourselves from being victims of elitists whether it be a politician or even someone in your smaller world such as a neighbor or your boss? Start by reminding yourself that God made the value of your souls equal in His eyes. Sure we can disappoint our creator, but he has no pedestals for college degrees, money, fame or prestige. Right is right and truth is truth. There are no variations for someone who has decided their soul is of more value than yours. If you were standing side by side before God with your favorite movie star or pro athlete, would he judge you more harshly for being a common citizen?

The Giant Machine

Further, we must remember that we, the common citizens, run this country. We are one giant machine that runs the businesses, police our communities, teach the next generation and keep factories running. Without us, the elitists are nothing more than an empty gong. In reality, they are more of a cog in the machine that needs to be removed.

The truck convoy broke up in Ottawa by an elitist wielding power he doesn't deserve, but I see the people reminding him and showing the world that he is a fool. America has built the extension of that convoy in support of our common neighbors to the north and to demonstrate the equality of all of our souls with the elitists. There is always a risk when facing off with people in power. But remember, many a king has fallen over his own ignis fatuus. Upon that pedestal, the fall is further. While you stand on the ground as a "commoner", your soul will continue to know truth when you see it and recognize a fool for who he or she is.

People of All Nations are in this Battle

While the elitist are now pre-occupied with fighting over Ukraine, our U.S. Convoy, last recorded at 70 miles long and over 200 trucks registered, has now reached Washington D.C. Make no mistake, people of all nations and countries are in this battle against the elite, globalist agenda, Ukraine included. But since Russia first attacked Ukraine, silence has fell upon our convoy. What will become of our convoy and their efforts in this fight for freedom? What will the elites in Washington do? Will we see another January 6 event occur? Will the elitist administration freeze their bank accounts? That has yet to be seen.

They Fear Us!

Elitism is a contagion in itself, spread world-wide by the temptations of greed, power and lust. But we are witnessing the uprising of the common people and the power we hold over the elite society. They try to control us by various methods such as lies, sophisticated appearances and assumed intelligence, fear, wars, etc., but when we the people come out in the masses and take actions of resistance, they fear us! Along with resistance we must take back our government with righteous, grass roots patriots who will stand firm against these temptations of evil. As we continue to unite for the sanctity of freedom we must also remember that freedom takes sacrifice. Are you willing to sacrifice freedom?


Kathy Six - Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Gifted and Talented Students. Community involved at her lifelong residence of Fruitport, Michigan. Married to her husband Scott for 40 years and has two married children and four grandchildren. Kathy loves to hunt, fish, playing softball, and reads everything and anything she can get her hands on.


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