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Ground Zero; The Communist Take-Over In Michigan

By, Michelle Hazekamp

March 29, 2023

For the last couple of years, I have been hearing chatter that Michigan is "Ground Zero" for the great reset of a new world order, conspired by far left world leaders and the elites. Supposedly, we are the testing grounds to a One World Order take-over ending in Communist rule, and recent events are bringing this closer to reality. As we try to contemplate the magnitude of events overwhelming us here in Michigan politically, let's take a deep dive into the foreign entities moving into our state and what that means for Michiganders.

In the past year, we have seen two major world players come on the scene in Michigan. First, the World Economic Forum (WEF) setting up two offices on the East side of the state, in Oakland County. The WEF is the parent entity for the One World Order, or One World Government. Surrounding the WEF in unity is the W.H.O., the U.N., the NIH, the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, and George Soros, etc.. These entities have been conspiring for decades to create a "New World Order" in which we will own nothing and be happy. However, in order for their grand master plan to be successful, they must decrease the population under the guise of "sustainability," thus the eugenics of Bill Gates comes into play. The WEF headquarters is situated in Switzerland, but as of recent, they have initiated a U.S. headquarters right here in Michigan.

Along side our One World Order dictators, the Chinese Communist Party is also taking up residence in Michigan. A Chinese owned company, Gotion, has purchased 700 acres in Big Rapids, Mi, and is set to build a lithium battery plant, courtesy of Governor Whitmer, along with $715 million dollars of our tax revenues as incentives. A manufacturing plant of this magnitude brings the promise of thousands of jobs in a remote location of our state where most have to travel an hour or more for work, as well as economic prosperity for the surrounding communities. Gotion, which is headquartered in Hefei City in the Anhui Province of China, has hired a Big Rapids-area man named Chuck Thelen to serve as its American representative for the foothold in the state. He performs media interviews and interacts with government officials.

Another Chinese maker of lithium batteries, Contemporary Amperex Technology, plans to build a $3.5 billion factory about 100 miles west of Detroit in Marshall, Michigan, in a partnership with Ford Motor Company. Most Americans aren’t aware of the dark side of Ford Motor Company’s history. This is a company that has always been willing to work with America’s enemies in order to make a dollar. The Ford family built trucks for Hitler’s Nazi war machine and they built more trucks for Stalin’s communist Soviet Union. This is an American company in name only, because while it has a headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, it has no real national allegiance to any country. It’s always been a multinational firm willing to partner with communists and despots of all stripes.

So what exactly is the problem? Do we not want to bring more jobs to Michigan and see Michigan grow to once again become a leader in manufacturing and the economy? Who wouldn't want to see Michigan proper? However, not at the expense of submitting to a communist take-over.

The CCP is an known and sworn enemy of the United States. So why would we be so nieve as to allow our enemy to conduct business on our land and profit off from us? Looking at our current leadership can give us a better understanding as to why we are doing business with our enemies. We know Joe Biden is bought and paid for by the CCP, especially now that more information is coming to light with the Hunter Biden laptop. But he is also an ally to the One World Order clan, along with Governor Whitmer, whom we know has strong family ties to George Soros. China, is also a supporting member of the WEF, although, I believe China has their own agenda where the WEF is concerned. I highly doubt President XI would allow anyone other than himself to be the ultimate leader in this one world government system, and a recent pledge with Vladimir Putin (who has made it publicly known he is against this one world order of the WEF), has declared a new and separate "World Order" of their own.

When we consider China, many do not understand the depths to which the CCP have been planning a U.S. take-over for decades, and how close they are to actually achieving it. They have strategically infiltrated every aspect of our society and economy, while we go about life under the misconception that we are invincible on the world stage as a super power. That reality is now gone, thanks to the Biden administration not only making us look weak, but also making certain we are physically weak.

The Afghanistan debacle and weakening of our military by redirecting priorities from training for war to social justice matters, low recruitment vs. higher numbers leaving and budget cuts have turned us into the underdogs, while China has been doing nothing but building up their military and preparing for war.. And, in addition to the dissension, our Governor who is liken to Hitler, along with our new Democratic majority SS cronies in Lansing, are working relentlessly to exterminate our Constitutional rights.

If the Gotion lithium battery plant goes forward as they have planned, there is further concern. The Chinese will provide a “Party Committee” to oversee operations of the plant and Ferris State University will house them. The Party Committee will adhere to the company bylaws whereby the document, found on Gotion’s website, explains the company’s governing structure with an emphasis on its allegiance to the “Constitution of the Communist Party of China,” adding that, “The Company shall set up a Party organization and carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

Article 9 The company shall set up a Party organizaion and carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China. The Company shall ensure neccessary conditions for carrying out Party activities. The secretary of the Party committee shall be the chairman.