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Devastating Loss for the Muskegon GOP: Treasurer Michael Del Percio Dies

By Benj Spencer

April 25, 2021

Our Friend and co-laborer for conservativism in Muskegon County, Michael Del Percio, has passed, and the loss is deviating to all of us. Our hearts go out to the countless family and friends whose lives Michael has blessed. He is irreplaceable, and we are grateful for his life with us. Let us tell you about this great Christian, patriot, and man.

Michael John Del Percio

Born in Kansas City, Missouri

November 17, 1945

Navy Service 1966-1972,

Vietnam Veteran

Returned to Heaven from

Muskegon, Michigan

April 22, 2021 at 3:01 a.m.

We at the Muskegon County Republican Party will miss Michael in countless ways. He was a unique and bold individual. His commitment to education that restores the historical foundations of our country­—the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness­—and his values for faith, family, and freedom were the motivations behind everything he did. He brought these alive to those around him.

His servant leadership style was evident every day in the way he worked to handle any need, and he excelled at everything he set his mind to. Michael singlehandedly updated our financial technology and processes, and meticulously managed our books as Treasurer. He brought a wealth of insight, knowledge and wisdom.

Michael had the gifts of verbal and written communication to clearly convey complex ideas with such sincerity and compassion that people leaned in to the wisdom he imparted. As Communications Vice Chair he brought synergetic collaboration to gather, write, and edit articles for publication on our website.

Michael was passionate for advancing conservative causes and ran for 92nd State Representative in 2020. For two years, we were privileged and honored to be a part of Michael’s life and have benefited from all that he shared with us.

To his loving family, he talked about you often and loved you dearly, especially his grandchildren. You are his legacy and he worked incredibly hard to make this world a better place for you. He truly laid down his life for you and those he will never know.

We will miss Michael in countless ways but will miss him most for his smile, sense of humor, and infectious positivity. He was loved greatly, lived life fully, and left an impossible hole to fill. Rest In Peace Michael Del Percio; you are sorely missed.

The Muskegon County Republican Party

"Truly a very good man. He will be greatly missed."

- Sandy Glore

"We lost a great American patriot today. Truly a good man and Christian brother. We'll see you again on the other side Michael."

- Kim Cyr, Muskegon County Commissioner, District 9

"Praying for his family in deep sorrow."

- Michael Haueisen

"Heaven just received a faithful gentleman, patriot, warrior! His smile and his friendship will be greatly missed. It was a privilege to know and work alongside him."

- Deb Null, Muskegon GOP Events Chair

"Sorry to hear this, big shoes to fill."

- David VerSluis

"We will miss Michael n countless ways, but we will miss him most for his smile, sense of humor and infectious positivity. He was loved greatly, live life fully, and left an impossible hole to fill. Rest in peace Michael Del Percio."

- Malinda Pego, Muskegon GOP Vice Chair, Muskegon County Commissioner, District 7

"I can say he was a very hard worker and always willing to take up tasks. If Michael had a task, you could rest assured that he would do his best to get it done properly."

- Nathan Wood

"He was so vital to our success. I will miss him terribly"

- Sandra Kempf, Muskegon GOP Secretary

"Such a good man, I'm so sad."

- Bonnie Kellogg

"Michael was always willing to learn new things and help in any way he could, a massive loss for us, and a massive gain for Heaven. See you on the other side Michael."

- Benj Spencer


Benj Spencer is a graphic and web designer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media Design from Baker College Muskegon, Michigan. He is also a Muskegon County Republican Party Executive Committee Member where he serves as Communications Committee Chair. You can contact Benj at


Unknown member
May 21, 2021

I’m glad you all got to experience, in a short period of time, what I got to experience my entire life. Thank you for the kind words and prayers. Stay strong and vigilant in getting our government back on track.


Erin J. Lounsbury
Erin J. Lounsbury
Apr 25, 2021

An advocate, supporter and encourager who I will never forget. RIP

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