Muskegon County Commish's Make Their Moves

Last night at Next Door Events Center served by Pints & Quarts restaurant in the popular West Michigan City of Norton Shores, the Muskegon County Republican Party held a festive event, "Dinner With The Commissioners". The sold out event packed the Next Door Event Room to the gills and judging from the boisterous cacophony emanating from the room, everyone was having a good time.

Guests of honor were Five Republican Muskegon County Commissioners. Chairman Robert Scolnik, Commissioner Zach Lahring and newly elected Commissioners Malinda Pego, Doug Brown and Kim Cyr. The fund raiser included mouth watering appetizers, salad and a main course of delicious chicken covered in a creme sauce. Excellent tasting. Other prominent Muskegon area businessmen and radio personalities attended the event and we thank them for making our night a success.

But the real fun started when all time Rock Legend, Elvis Presley came roaring down the aisle singing his famous Jailhouse Rock. The Rockin' time reached a peak when all Five Commissioners were escorted to the floor and MADE THEIR MOVES to an Elvis oldie. The attending crowd went wild roaring at the sight of the Commissioners swiveling their hips and waving their arms in time to the rocking sound of Elvis. Each one of them trying to impress the crowd in order to win the coveted Rose Oscar.

Voting in the "Best Moves by a Commissioner" Category gave the Rose Oscar to Zach Lahring in what could be best described as his imitation of a cow giving birth to a calf. The Oscar will remain safely in his possession until the next Commissioners Dinner on Monday April 26th at Whitlow's Forerunner. Get your tickets early as we anticipate another sellout event.

Special thanks go to the MUSKEGON COUNTY REPUBLICANS EVENTS COMMITTEE led by our Super Delegate Deb Null and her right hand Pat Camp for staging a great initial Dinner with the Commissioners. Can't hardly wait for the next one to see what they have up their sleeves for entertainment.

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