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2022 Candidates Endorsed by Muskegon County Republican Precinct Delegates

June 2, 2020

by Benj Spencer

Although the Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee does not endorse candidates in the primary, the following candidate members won the endorsement of Muskegon County Republican Precinct Delegates.

Muskegon County Commissioner Districts:

Kim Cyr -District 1 KimCyrForCommissioner

Zach Lahring - District 2

Michelle Hazekamp - District 3

Matt Johnson - District 4

David Dursema - District 5 DavidDursemaForCommissioner

Dirk Chilcote - District 6

State Representatives:

Mick Bricker - 88th District

Andrew Sebolt - 102nd District

U.S. Congressional:

Tom Norton - District 2

John Gibbs - District 3


Delegate Endorsement FAQs

Q: What are Republican Precinct Delegates?

A: Delegates are people in each neighborhood throughout the county that have been elected to represent their communities in the Muskegon County Republican Party. In Muskegon County delegates are encouraged to speak at monthly committee meeting to share their thoughts, opinions, and the issues their community faces. They are essentially the building blocks of the local party.

Delegates elect the Executive Committee that regularly operates the county party every two years. Additionally, they assemble multiple times each election cycle to elevate fellow delegates to state conventions where these "state delegates" vote on state party or presidential nominations, as well as elect state party leadership. Delegates tend to be the most informed republican voters and consequently have become indispensable volunteers for the party, individual campaigns, and election workers.

Not only are delegates representatives of their community to the party, but they are also informed and trusted resources for political insights and activism to voters and potential volunteers.

Anyone can become a delegate, and it's an easy way to get introduced to the political process at whatever commitment level you are able to do. It's actually fun to learn and volunteer with people who care enough to shape the future of Muskegon County, Our beautiful state of Michigan, and great United States of America.

Would you like to become a precinct delegate? Contact us today!

Q: Why do Candidates need to be "candidate-members" of the Republican Party to be endorsed?

A: Muskegon County Republicans loves to invest in republican candidates. We actively raise money and awareness for our candidates each election cycle as well as coordinate our volunteers to work in tandem with their campaign efforts. It's a HUGE benefit that gives them an advantage over democrat candidates in the general election.

We also love to offer low barriers of entry to joining the Republican Party. This is NOT a "country club" style party for those interested in buying special favors or rubbing elbows with the elites. We are year-round workhorses who are passionate about getting our country back to Faith, Family, and Freedom because our lives and our families lives depend upon it.

But there is a problem. Anyone can file to run as a Republican in any election, even if they have never volunteered, donated or haven't become a member of the Republican party, even those who have no interest or loyalty to the Republican platform, even Democrats... and these types of candidates DO run in every election cycle! As a party, there is nothing we can do about that in primary seasons (which are the most important elections of all!)... but Muskegon County Republican Delegates can! They do this by telling us who they endorse and we share that with the voters so they can make a better informed decision in the primaries.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish by sharing Precinct Delegate endorsements?

A: We hope to bring trust back to the Republican party, that the candidates we put forth in the general election can be counted on to support and fight for our conservative values. We also hope to increase engagement in primary elections by providing the voters with this important information.

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