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New Unanimously Elected Officers Build Momentum for Muskegon GOP

By Benj Spencer

December 14, 2020

New leadership for the Muskegon County Republican Party was unanimously elected by the Executive Committee. This show of unity after recently electing our new Executive Committee is exactly what is needed to continue the surprising momentum from Muskegon County Republican gains in the 2020 election. Something that has state Republican and Democrat parties turning their heads.

Muskegon GOP pulled together in a way not seen in decades, to flip the county commission board to become a Republican majority for the first time since President Reagan was in office. With more Republican candidates running in the county wide races, the 9th Commissioner District went to newcomer and businessman Kim Cyr, beating long-time Democrat Ken Mahoney. Republicans also came close to picking up an additional Commissioner seat with Chris Kaijala in the long written-off democrat territory of District 3, Muskegon Charter Township, where Susie Hughes presides. It's not looking so blue anymore. And what happened to the entire Dalton Township board? Completely flipped!

But Republican in-roads haven't just been made in the number of candidates running and winning, but in the quality of the candidates. These are grassroots, passionate conservatives with spines of steel. The likes of which this party has not seen in a long time. One of these is Commissioner elect MALINDA PEGO who not only had time to primary republican commissioner Gary Foster, who used to run as a democrat, but she also found time to recruit grassroots candidates, volunteer for half a dozen other campaigns, and sign up over 50 new precinct delegates that will help grow the party. Everyone is taken back by her contagious energy.

And who can forget the news headlines less than two years ago when Muskegon Republicans, lead by Commissioner ZACH LAHRING, galvanized the community to terminate the lease agreement for Planned Parenthood with the County Health Dept. Building?

SANDRA KEMPF stepped up to ensure the GOP office was open for business and well staffed for the election season and coordinated election day operations with more Republican volunteers than we have ever had before. Her administrative skills were essential to our success and we gained thousands of contacts from volunteers.

MICHAEL DEL PERCIO diligently ran his campaign for State Representative, with great understanding of campaign finance and election law. Michael is an incredible resource for anyone needing help with those areas. Michael is also and experienced organizational leader.

So it is fitting that the new leadership of the Muskegon County Republican Party be in the hands of those primarily responsible for these gains. The leaders who have raised up other leaders. Without further ado, these are new officers of the Muskegon GOP:

Chair: Zach Lahring

Vice Chair: Malinda Pego

Treasurer: Michael Del Percio

Secretary: Sandra Kempf

With this new leadership, Muskegon Republicans are firing on all cylinders. All eyes are on Muskegon, and together there is no telling what we will do next.

We would like to thank our out-going officers for their hard work and dedication, for laying the groundwork of our many victories, defending election integrity, opening up the party for growth and promoting party unity.

Former Chair: Joe Bush

Former & Current Vice Chair: Malinda Pego

Former Treasurer: Rev. Tim Cross

Former Secretary: Sondra Cross

You are valued team members and we look forward to continuing our great work together.


Benj Spencer is a graphic and web designer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media Design from Baker College Muskegon, Michigan. He is also a Muskegon County Republican Party Executive Committee Member where he serves as Communications Committee Chair. You can contact Benj at


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