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Roundup Freedom Recap

By Michelle Hazekamp

October 30, 2021

The Muskegon County Republican Party puts on one heck of a hoedown for Freedom!

Western Style

Friday evening, October 29, the Muskegon County Republican Party hosted the "Freedom Roundup" event. With an all out western theme, the event included a BBQ food truck by Holy Smokers, drinks, the famous Trump Unity Bridge and a room full of freedom lovers and patriots from all over the state who celebrated freedom. Many dressed for the occasion all spurred up in western attire and gung-ho for the evening's festivities and guest speakers.

Candidates Matt DePerno for Attorney General & Mellissa Carone for State Rep.

The highlight of the event were the two guest speakers, Matt DePerno and Mellissa Carone. Matt DePerno is the Trump endorsed candidate running for Attorney General in the 2022 election. He has been a constitutional attorney for over 25 years and led the forensic investigation of the Antrim County 2020 election results. Mellissa Carone is the famous Dominion whistleblower who is now running for a seat in the Michigan State House of Representatives. Both DePerno and Carone have been fighting for election integrity since the 2020 election because of the clear evidence that fraud had occurred.

Platform First Declaration: Muskegon GOP Will Hold Officials and Candidates Accountable to the Republican Platform

Muskegon County Commissioner, Malinda Pego, opened the evening with prayer and then iterated how the Muskegon County Republican Party stands by the values of the party platform which articulates conservative values of life, liberty and freedoms granted to us by God, and not any person/government. Her statements on behalf of the Muskegon County Republican Party vowed to defend the republican platform and to hold elected officials and candidates accountable to it. This is a divergence from the Republican party's practice throughout the state to "never attack [or hold accountable] another Republican", which has been a point of contention with grassroots Republicans for decades.

Super Lawyer DePerno

President Trump has called Matt DePerno the "Super Lawyer," and that is no exaggeration. Mr. DePerno set out to investigate the fraudulent events that took place during the 2020 Presidential election immediately after Election Day, and by Dec. 6 he obtained a forensic image of the Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan. Antrim County had been a county of interest due to the fact that 65% of the citizens are Republican and on election day, 65% of the votes went to Joe Biden. Mr. DePerno and his team ran 250,000 ballots through one of the machines in order to first figure out how they worked. It would have been much simpler if they were given the source code to the machines by Secretary of State Joslyn Benson. However, she claims that she does not have the source code in her possession even though it is her responsibility to have it.

Besides discovering mounds of evidence of election fraud in Antrim County, Mr. DePerno elaborated further fraudulent behavior by SOS Joslyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel, as they have together went to great lengths to cover all evidence of election fraud through out the state. Mr. DePerno stated, "We are going to end this level of corruption and I will not be an Attorney General that protects the Party." Matt DePerno contends "It's about the Constitution, and I am for the law."

Mr. DePerno wants ultimate purity in how we elect our leaders and officials by getting rid of the electronic voting machines. As Attorney General, he will go after Whitmer for the nursing home deaths during Covid, Nessel for the unlawful ways she has operated her office and Benson for election fraud. Mr. DePerno says he is also running because of the businesses that closed due to COVID-19, and will make sure mask and vaccine mandates are eliminated from the state along with Critical Race Theory from our public schools. "Never again will we accept tyrannical overreach!" DePerno exclaimed.

Dominion Whistleblower Carone

Mellissa Carone is known as the "Dominion Whistleblower." She was employed by Dominion for the November 2020 elections at the TCF Center in Detroit. Her job was to make sure the machines were running properly, and while doing so she was witness to multiple counts of election fraud. Ms. Carone was one of hundreds who signed affidavits under penalty of perjury and testified in front of the State House Committee as a witness. At the Round-up, she spoke of how the legislature and county clerks are not willing to do anything about the fraudulent election, especially a forensic audit.

When the Macomb County Clerk was subpoenaed to turn over poll books and ballots for a forensic audit, she hired a company owned by Dominion. It's no surprise fraud was not found.

Ms. Carone stated the urgency of a state-wide forensic audit for the sake of our election integrity. "If we don't take our elections back, we never will, and we have to get rid of all the Dominion voting machines." Ms. Carone stands for election integrity, the Constitution and values upon which this great nation was founded.

Heroes of our Time

Matt DePerno and Mellissa Carone gave much more inside information and facts while speaking and it was refreshing to hear from candidates who care and are so dedicated to preserving our God-given freedoms and rights that are woven into the fabric of our Constitution. They truly are heroes of our time. They have stood up to take on the far left establishment and fight for the future of our children and grandchildren. They are extraordinary examples of the type of leadership we need to preserve our liberty.

We Need Precinct Delegates!

It is crucial that we get Matt DePerno elected as Attorney General. With the magnitude of corruption [Michigan is #1] inside the leadership of this state, Matt DePerno is the only AG candidate fighting for election integrity, our businesses, our children, our freedoms and our conservative values that were paid for by the blood of heroes past. You can help Matt DePerno get elected by becoming a Precinct Delegate. Precinct Delegates have the power to elect the Party's candidate at the State Convention of Delegates. The winner then becomes the "Endorsed" candidate of the political party.

Delegates are also the voice of the people by way of speaking on local issues, serving on committees and helping with political campaigns.

To learn more about becoming a Precinct Delegate...


Michelle Hazekamp is a Muskegon County business owner and a Delegate for the Muskegon County Republican Party. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelorette in Science and a minor in History. You can contact Michelle at


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