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The Mystery of Defunding the Police

By -unum de multis

October 18, 2022

A line of burning police cars in downtown Grand Rapids – May 31 2020.

-As we quickly approach the November 8 mid-term Elections, our wretched Michigan Governor, Whitmer, is desperately grasping for votes in her favor as she deceivingly portrays herself a last-minute heroin by spending $30 million to recruit new police officers. Let us reminisce back to the "Summer of Love," 2020, and ask ourselves; "Where was her support for the police then?" The following is an article written by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, and is a great reminder of the insanity & tyranny we have been victim to under Democratic, leftist leadership and what their true agenda is. Remember this when you vote on November 8th! - Michelle Hazekamp

Two years ago I was talking to a close friend who would identify as a solid liberal Democrat. I asked her if she had heard that voices on the left were beginning to call loudly for the defunding of all police – and that they were being taken seriously by our institutional media conglomerates. She replied that she had not heard, but was sure it was just a few far-left radical nut-jobs who were being given a platform by Fox News out of all proportion to their actual influence in order to make Democrats look bad. The idea seemed so completely ludicrous; I could hardly blame her. In fact, if I were to be honest, I thought the sentiment was born of emotion and would die a quick death as reason returned.

To our collective astonishment, the idea not only did not die, but rather gained in strength. Defunding our police began to be taken seriously and to be debated by public media personalities and intellectuals. The mystery for most of our country, of whatever political persuasion, should be: WHY? The most visible and obvious answer was presented to us by radical activists out in our streets. We saw them on video in most of our major cities, burning businesses, destroying monuments, attacking police, and causing general mayhem. They demanded the defunding and even removal of police in the name of anti-authoritarianism and opposition to oppression that they said the police represented. There were many claims of indiscriminate police brutality and racism. Sadly, the human heart despises authority and anyone who exercises that authority over it is a natural target of hate, no matter how restrained by the rule of law that authority may be. Simply put, we don’t like correction.

The most extreme example of this activity was in Seattle, where a five-block area was taken over by a disorganized mix of activists who proceeded to establish an “autonomous zone” free of all lawful government authority. This silly effort didn’t last long, but the damage done to the local police was serious and lasting. Close to home, Grand Rapids got a taste of this, with downtown businesses looted, the courthouse damaged and police vehicles set on fire. Cities across the country, including Muskegon and Grand Rapids, witnessed the jaw-dropping scenes of their police and community leaders apologetically bowing before these forces in submission and apology for vague “crimes” in an effort to forestall any further attacks on their cities. Those who were arrested were met at the local jails by representatives of shadowy but well-funded groups who had their bail money waiting for them.

Considering most of these activists were on the margins of society, and many of them were even traveling across state lines to participate in these riots, the mystery then presented to us was who was providing the funding and organization for these groups of mostly ignorant pawns? Left-wing foundations, non-profits, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) provided much of the funding. Who then funds them? For an example, consider billionaire George Soros who, through his Open Society Foundations, has cleverly shifted his funding efforts from just major political campaigns to local candidates as well, infusing piles of cash in support of radical left candidates for the office of District Attorney.

These DAs have been very busy providing their benefactors with what must be a very satisfying return on investment. Even serious criminals are being released from our jails and prisons, and others who are arrested are given slaps on the wrist or not prosecuted at all. Left wing mayors withhold support for their police as well, leaving them wondering: why bother? The cities of LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C. and others are all overrun with crime and homelessness. All of this and more has resulted in police retiring early or abandoning their departments, while all the anti-police media depresses hiring and discourages the kind of high-quality candidates we need for a moment like this.

Ask yourself: would you want to be a police officer in this climate? We still don’t have an answer to our mystery. Why would any American, regardless of political affiliation, want any of this? We’ve watched the last several decades as one institution after another is co-opted and “captured” by left-wing bureaucrats intent on expanding the power and control of their agencies. The Democratic Party is now the party of the so-called “Deep” or “Administrative State.” They are the party of Federal authoritarianism and wish to exercise control over our lives at even the most local level. They view the Constitution as an impediment to their designs, and understand that local control of law enforcement has traditionally been a conservative element of our society. It must be subverted.

This would certainly explain the defacement and pulling down of our historical monuments and the efforts to undermine our societal bonds and rule of law. When things get bad enough, we will cry out to the government to save us, and offices like the Capitol Police and DHS will be only too happy to step in. And sadly, this strategy is working:

Perhaps this is the answer to our mystery… to replace our local law enforcement with nationalized Federal Police, thus forging one of the last and most important links of the heavy chain of government authority with which to bind us. Do you like knowing your local police officers? Enjoy it while it lasts.

Republicans have been completely outmaneuvered in this area. In opposition to this ugliness and evil, we must stake out a clear position that we love the symbols of our shared cultural heritage, that we represent beauty, building things, creativeness, thriving families, and the very Rule of Law that makes all those things possible. Despite the anger we may harbor over what is happening around us to our beloved country, we must remember that we are all made in God’s image and deserving of respect and love. Our anger must remain focused on the cancerous ideas and cultural hatred coming from the Democratic Party and the “progressive” leftists that have infected it and taken it over.

We must not allow ourselves to be dragged down to their level, but we must not be fooled any longer into compromising on the foundations of our Constitutional and cultural heritage.









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