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The Ryan Kelley FBI Raid, Officer Schurr & the January 6 Hearings.

By, Michelle Hazekamp

June 12, 2022

Thursday, June 9, was an eventful day for Democratic schemes and manipulation. The phrase often spoke by President Trump many times, "They are not after me, they are after you!" rang true for every American Patriot as we watched a 3-ring circus unfold into three major events; Ryan Kelley raided by the FBI, Grand Rapids police officer, Christopher Schurr was charged with 2nd degree murder and the January 6 Commission began hearings on prime-time television that evening.

The day began when the FBI raided the home of gubernatorial candidate for Michigan Governor, Ryan D. Kelley, for his attendance at the January 6, 2021 rally in Washington D.C. This was no coincidence however, rather an additional element to the clown show continuously being performed by the democratic left, to occur less than 24 hours after Joe Biden's announcement of his plans to have his opponents arrested on Jimmy Kimmel and hours before the January 6 hearings would air on prime-time.

Ryan Kelley was at the Capital on January 6, participating in the rally, however, he never entered the Capital building. Ryan has stated in multiple interviews that he cannot give any details of what he did or did not participate in until after his hearing. The raid consisted of 25 FBI agents arriving at his home Thursday morning and taking Ryan Kelley into custody. Hundreds showed up at the courthouse in support of Ryan, filling the courtroom to capacity with overflow outside in protest of the injustice being served. Attorney General candidate, Matt DePerno and Constitutional lawyer/freedom fighter, Kathryn Henry and Justin Barclay were among them, standing with Ryan. He was released later that afternoon on bond, with 4 misdemeanor charges;

  • Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority.

  • Disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds.

  • Knowingly engage in any act of physical violence against person or property in any restricted building or grounds.

  • Willfully injure or commit and depredation against any property of the United States.

The first thing to consider is why did they wait a year and a half to arrest Ryan and charge him, when others were arrested within 72 hours? This is not typically how these situations are handled, and it is no coincidence this took place right after Biden's announcement and the same day the January 6 hearings took place.

The reality is, as his supporters continue to greatly increase in number across the state, he is becoming a major threat to the Democratic establishment who is working relentlessly to push a socialist agenda on the American people. Ryan stands for freedom and has promised justice for all Michiganders by going after Governor Whitmer, A.G. Dana Nessel and SOS Joselyn Benson for crimes against humanity during Covid regarding the nursing home deaths and election fraud, etc. He is an opponent and enemy to the left's agenda, which includes the current leaders of Michigan.

Until we hear from Ryan Kelley himself, we should keep an open mind on this situation. The other thing to consider and keep in mind is that Images and video can be manipulated easily by professionals, and the left is very good at it in order to manipulate the narrative in their favor. Just because Ryan was at the Capital on January 6, does not mean he did anything wrong. Ryan himself said he did nothing wrong, yet instigators such as Ray Epps, who are on video and witnessed by many to encourage people to go into the Capital have not been charged. While Ray Epps is thought to be an FBI plant, we also know Antifa were there dressed as Trump supporters due to their "call to action" alerts and instructions on social media prior to the event and also witnesses from January 6. However, most people that were arrested were actual Trump Supporters and did nothing wrong. So it seems the left is only interested in scaring us and eliminating "enemies" that threaten them politically and oppose their agenda. One of the charges against Ryan includes physical violence. Do you really believe Ryan Kelley is capable of such acts, whatever it may be? Let alone stupid enough to do something of that nature while running for Governor? For those who know him, the answer is a clear "NO!"

The Democrats were sending a strong message to warn us that if we do not comply, they can and will come after us. Ryan Kelley is being used as an example. They are aiming to destroy his reputation with his supporters, however, his popularity has now grown 1000 fold! The other gubernatorial Governor candidates have also made statements against this injustice that has been implemented on their fellow patriot as well as grass-roots leaders like Ron Armstrong. (You can listen to Ron Armstrongs statement by clicking here.) Ryan Kelley is not giving up the Governor race, instead, he is running"Full speed ahead!"

Just as the January 6 hearings are not about justice, but rather destroying any competition to the left's agenda, Ryan Kelley's arrest was also not about justice and neither were the charges brought against Officer Christopher Schurr on Thursday.

Christopher Schurr, the Grand Rapids police officer who shot and killed Patrick Lyoya in what should have been considered self defense, was charged Thursday with 2nd degree murder. Patrick Lyoya, a Congolese refugee, was pulled over by Schurr for driving a vehicle with a license plate that did not match. When Lyoya began to flee the scene on foot, a violent confrontation ensued and Lyoya was able to seize officer Schurr's taser. After multiple commands to drop the taser, Officer Schurr shot the assailant in self defense. Lyoya was also 4 times over the limit for alcohol consumption when pulled over.

This is another case of "white cop" killing "black" man, and always an excuse for BLM to get involved, no matter the circumstances. The Kent County Prosecutor, Christopher Becker, waited four months before charging Schurr with murder, thus giving BLM plenty of time to organize in which their presence has been downtown Grand Rapids since. Just before the hearing, Wednesday afternoon, a picture began circulating on Facebook of a BLM bus getting off at the Burton Street exit in Grand Rapids. When you sacrifice an innocent person to avoid a rioting mob, what you have is Mob Rule!

The video footage shows the struggle between Officer Schurr and Lyoya with the taser. You can also hear the taser going off during the struggle, along with Officer Schurr repeatedly telling lyoya to drop the taser. If the taser would have struck Officer Schurr, it would have incapacitated him and put his life at risk. It seems clear that Officer Schurr was acting in self defense, however, the media has portrayed this in liken to George Floyd. Was he convicted so as to save the city from utter destruction by BLM? Rather than getting a handle on BLM and arresting them for crimes they commit, innocent people end up wrongfully convicted to appease a false narrative they want us to believe. Did "Republican" Kent County Prosecutor, Christopher Becker, succumb to threats and intimidation? And by whom? What other reason could he have for violating an innocent man's rights to defend himself? This case will most likely be of benefit for the "defund the police" campaign and the gun control agenda. To see the body cam footage, click here.

The January 6 hearing that was later aired on prime-time television Thursday night, I did not watch. I did not want to give them my contribution to their ratings. However, I have heard from many that it was the clown show I knew it would be. From talk show hosts and podcasts to Fox News contributors, I repeatedly hear about all the lies that were told by witness and expert testimony hand picked by the left.

This is not the America we want for our children. The only way we are going to stop the progression of this evil is to stand up and fight back. It means getting involved and electing "America First" conservative candidates, like Ryan Kelley. We have many grassroots candidates at every level of government and we need a "red wave" in the August Primary and November elections! We need to take back control of this nation and bring back the conservative, Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of this country. We need to pray unceasingly for God's mercy and favor for victory. For our children who have been indoctrinated, we need to be examples in government positions and teach them truth and righteousness while dismantling the lies of evil. We can do this, but we must rise and have unwavering faith that our God will lead us to victory!

Psalm 20:7-8

Some boast in chariots and some in horses, But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.

They have bowed down and fallen, But we have risen and stood upright.

Deuteronomy 20:1

“When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt, is with you


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