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Trump will Endorse for Gov. Race: Olson at Chili Cook-Off

By Benj Spencer

November 22, 2021

Never an Ordinary Event!

Saturday night was the annual Muskegon GOP's Chili Cook-Off and once again, it was a tasty success! The night did not disappoint as people engaged in socializing, was honored by a special guest speaker and participated in a "wine pull" and other prizes to end the festivities. If Saturday‘s GOP Chili Cook-Off teaches us one thing it’s that you don’t want to miss even a seemingly ordinary Muskegon GOP event.

Revelations Heard No Where Else

This years revelations and details you did not hear in the mainstream media or even alternative news. But, they have been uncovered at the Muskegon GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, Kristina Karamo’s (President Trump endorses Secretary of State candidate) visit, the Summer Family Picnic featuring several Governor Candidates, the Freedom RoundUp with President Trump Endorsed Matt DePerno for Michigan AG, and now a casual Chili Cook-Off.

Who is Kyle Olson?

Kyle Olson, a resident of Muskegon County, was the event’s guest speaker. He was hired by Breitbart News during the 2020 election to cover then candidate Joe Biden’s campaign. When his campaign was virtually non-existent because he stayed in his basement, the legacy media did his campaigning for him. Kyle Olson then turned his focus to the tyranny being leashed out on Michigander's by Governor Whitmer.

Exposing Whitmer's Hypocrisy

Olson’s beat then turned to cover Whitmer‘s administration and their hypocritical rule breaking while invoking strict lockdown measures on the rest of us Michiganders. “Rules for thee and not for me” does not go over well with Michigan voters. Olson knew his coverage was having an affect when Whitmer was forced to apologize for traveling to Florida to visit her Father, as she told Michiganders they couldn’t visit their families or travel. Her approval numbers dropped at least 10 points as a result.

Olson‘s Connection to Trump

Kyle Olson has since moved on from Breitbart News to work under President Trump's communications director where they focus on finding and promoting Trump-approved candidates for the 2022 and 2024 elections. The current goal is to flip the US House and Senate.

Trump will Endorse a Candidate for Governor in Michigan, But Who?

When asked about whether President Trump will endorse someone in Michigan’s gubernatorial race he said most confidently, “Yes." However, who that lucky candidate will be is still a suspense. Trump has proven to be an "America First" President, so we expect no less that the candidate he chooses will also strongly support the "America First" agenda and the Constitution.

The Chili Cook-Off

The Chili Cook Off was another fun, yet casual event put on by the Muskegon Republican GOP with friends socializing through out the evening and enjoying a variety of great chili. Eight of the Executive Committee members faced off to create the best chili in a blind cook-off competition, while attendees tasted and then voted for their favorite one. The winner who ended up with the most votes was Deb Null, Chair of the Events Committee. Not only did she do a fantastic job at organizing the Chili Cook Off, her chili was favored over all others. Chris Kaijala and Benj Spencer came in 2nd and 3rd place. And while Kyle Olson was the key entertainment of the night, a unique event called a "wine pull," was a big hit. The wine pull involves purchasing a "number" and then grabbing a bottle of concealed wine with the matching number labeled on the bag the wine is hidden in. You do not know what kind of wine you get until you remove it from the wine bag, thus a fun way to invoke the element of suspense and surprise. The night concluded with with more socializing as people slowly headed home.

Thank You

A special thank you to Deb Null and the Events Committee for organizing and putting on such wonderful and fun events this past year for all the GOP members, friends and family. Each event has been a huge task and we are grateful to be blessed with such talent! And thanks to those who were able to attend and enjoy it all!

Muskegon County Republican Executive Committee 2021 Chili Chef's in order from left to right; Zach Lahring, Malinda Pego, Lynn Sample, Sandy Kemp, Chris Kaijala, Deb Null, Benj Spencer and Michelle Hazekamp.


Benj Spencer is a graphic and web designer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media Design from Baker College Muskegon, Michigan. He is also a Muskegon County Republican Party Executive Committee Member where he serves as Communications Committee Vice Chair.


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