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2022 GOP Recap

By, Michelle Hazekamp

December 29. 2022

Looking Back Before Moving Forward

As we usher in 2023 with exciting new opportunities, let's first look at the bitter challenges and many successes of 2022.

The January 6 Commission Captivates Injustice & Disgrace

The January 6 fake insurrection was still the main focus of the left as they formed their January 6 Commission to perform a one-sided investigation into the events of that day. In July, a spectacle of bad acting was displayed on our televisions for the absurd hearings, while prisoners of January 6 still to this day remain captive under the penalty of injustice. What has been the end result of this clown show is the humiliation and disgrace of our Nation & Constitution.

Did SCOTUS Act UnConstitutionally?

Lockdowns had come to an end and most kids were finally back in school full time, yet the Covid vaccine mandates were still facing us head-on and knocking on our business's doors. Business's with 100 or more employees and health care facilities were soon approaching the deadline to enact full enforcement. Lawsuits agains OSHA and medical facilities were running through the circuit courts until finally it hit the U.S. Supreme Court. On January 12th the Supreme Court of the United States issued opposite "stays," thereby eliminating the mandate for business's, yet to keeping the mandate in place for health care facilities, providing for a grave disappointment in our constitutional process.

How Angry Were We?

Coming out of the Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates, Republican and independent voters were fired up and angry.

We were angry at a Governor who bankrupted "non-essential" small businesses while favoring big box stores and pot shops, who closed schools and muzzled the masses with masks that we knew never worked.

We were angry at an Attorney general who acted as a political weapon against restaurants who tried to stay open, and lawyers challenging election impropriety.

We were angry at a Secretary of State who worked to make elections as vulnerable as possible to impropriety. And we were angry at judges who looked the other way.

But even greater than that the democrats managed to anger the largest voting block in existence: Parents. The irony was utterly lost on school board members, who'd shut down public comments from parents reading excerpts of the outrageous pornographic books offered to their children in school. We were up in arms! The schools are sexually grooming our kids, and they could care less what we think.

With all this going for us how could we lose in 2022?

Failure at our #1 Priority

We aren't going to sugar-coat it. This year will most likely be remembered as the year we tried hard and failed to replace the trinity of tyranny; Governor Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Joslyn Benson.

What's worse is now that Proposition 2 has passed, the election system is legally rigged to favor the Democrats. The game of elections has changed forever and we cannot continue to play by the same rules.

What do We Have to Celebrate?

Take courage; hope is far from lost. These challenges, though difficult, are not insurmountable, because 2022 has given us a lot to celebrate in Muskegon County. We've only made giant strides forward, and momentum is only building.

In actuality, Republicans did better in nearly every demographic group... except one.

Utter Devastation with Prop 3

Young single women came out in droves to pass Prop 3, the most extreme pro-abortion/pro-gender mutilation law on the planet, and codified it into our state constitution. With multimillions in advertising, Prop 3 promotion was ubiquitous. And what about the opposition? Under funded and nearly nonexistent. The vast majority churches? Silent.

The losses statewide weren't disappointing, they weren't even devastating, they were nothing short of catastrophic.

What's worse is that we as a party nominated our most conservative slate in a generation. These candidates weren't the plastic, backstabbing, lesser-of-two-evils we have become accustomed to. They had quality platforms and visions with practical conservative solutions to improve our state.