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As In the Days of NOAH.....

Bottom of the Class

The most recently updated “Pride” flag – someone has to graduate at the bottom of the

class in their design program, right?

PRIDE goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 (NKJV).

Would Not Have Entered Their Mind

40 years ago, if you had asked almost anyone what would be the single issue most

successfully tearing apart the social fabric of America today, LGBTQIA+ rights would not

have entered their mind. In fact, they would have had no idea what LGBT even was,

much less QIA+. Yet that is exactly the situation in which we find ourselves.

Demands of Debased Minds

How did we get from simply tolerating open homosexual relationships between adults to

being confronted every day from every direction with demands that we not only tolerate,

but positively approve and even celebrate ever more extreme examples of human

depravity and sexual perversity? We are witnessing the Apostle Paul’s observations on

human behavior in real time, when he warned in Romans chapter 1:25-32 that “God

would give them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting… not

only do(ing) the same but also approv(ing) those who practice them.”

Targeting our Children

How is it that even our littlest children are now targets of what can only be considered

sexual indoctrination? Why are we encouraged to bring our children to Drag Queen

story time and other “family friendly activities” at the Muskegon Pride Festival? (1) Our

own Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel (Democrat), even mocked us and laughed

as she proclaimed that “you know what I'll say that was totally not poll tested, I'd say this,

‘A drag queen for every school’.” (2) If you don’t believe it (and we wouldn’t blame you),

follow the links provided.

Elevated & Honored Sin

The LGBTQIA+ movement and its allies in our academic institutions, media, and

entertainment industry have taken what was once thought to be the original sin, PRIDE,

and elevated it to a place of honor – even granting an entire month for it to be celebrated.

Not satisfied, they have co-opted the beautiful rainbow as their symbol. Ironically, the

rainbow is the very symbol given by God in Genesis chapter 9 as a sign of His covenant

with man to never again destroy the earth by flood as He had just done, the flood a result

of the pervasive immorality, rebellion and violence that covered the earth in those days.

What do you think of now whenever you see a rainbow? Still not convinced? Read the

account of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah a few pages over in Genesis chapter 19 –

from where we get our English word “sodomy.” All these behaviors are considered

abomination and are a direct attack on the “Imago Dei”- the image of God which we all

bear as human beings. They are particularly serious sins, not to be taken lightly. God

made us male and female and commanded us to go forth and to multiply. He established

the family and marriage as the first institution. We don’t need modern science to tell us

these things, but it does so very clearly through our chromosomes. There really isn’t much

in the way of confusion – and yet we are being confused.

Missionaries to Immorality

Many in our society now busy themselves with destroying moral laws that have been in

place since creation itself and have been generally agreed upon across time and cultures

worldwide. Our own government now acts as if they are missionaries for this new

(im)morality, using our own embassies around the world as instruments of LGBTQIA+

evangelization, often against the will of the local populations. Our businesses and

entertainment companies join them.

Decades of Desensitizing the Masses

In truth, our slide began long ago, and it didn’t begin with homosexuality. We have the 1960’s sexual revolution, contraception, and Roe v. Wade to thank for that. Do you disagree? It was then that we were introduced to consequence-free sex and encouraged to cast aside previously held morality that was constructed around the raising of children in a safe environment with a mother and a father. It was corruption by degree, and it was a slow process. As we convinced ourselves that morality was relative, that “being true to ourselves” was the highest good, and that as long as someone was a “consenting adult” there should be no limits on acceptable behavior when it came to sexuality, we grew de-sensitized to ever greater immorality. We were told that in fact the evil was in judging such behavior, not in practicing it. Many of us considered all of this to be a joke, and beneath our consideration in our sleepy towns and rural communities. We thought this behavior was confined to such places as San Francisco, and that it would stay there. Gradually, we noted with unease that some churches were beginning to change their stance on homosexuality, and then on gay marriage as well – in direct contradiction of the very scriptures they professed to believe! We have witnessed denomination after denomination break apart over this very issue. All of this has happened in just a few short decades, and the rate of corruption is increasing. Now it is at our door, and it is threatening our livelihoods, our Constitutional rights, and our children.

A Month of Pride vs. 1 Day of Honor

Sadly, many of us who are veterans no longer even wish our children to serve in the military, as the different branches compete against each other to see who can promote the LGBTQIA+ agenda the loudest, and demand members bow to the new morality. The military was one of the last towers of institutional conservatism, and now it too is under assault, with many reports of members seeking retirement as the left’s political agendas make service a burden and a test of Faith. This is by design. All those who have died for our freedoms get 1 day – sexual deviancy gets an entire month in the new America.

The problem that was either not appreciated or was scoffed at long ago was the observation that if we allow our moral laws to be broken over and over again, soon they disappear altogether. If A is fine, then why not B? The “slippery slope” argument in this case turned out to be exactly what has happened. To put it at an extreme, if homosexuality and sodomy are now considered merely genetic and a natural expression of human behavior, why not pedophilia? Why have we arrested and imprisoned pedophiles when they were born that way? This may seem shocking, but it shouldn’t. We are bombarded daily by examples of sexual grooming of children on sites such as Libs of TikTok and pedophile organizations are gaining in influence and numbers across the country. Grown men dressed as women (and worse) approach children at public events and act out in sexual ways toward them without consequence. Even Disney has dived headlong into the “queering” of children’s media! (3) Have you heard about their new Buzz Lightyear film? (4) We can make an easy prediction that it is a matter of time before Age of Consent laws are under attack. Even more outrageous, now we hear on the news almost daily of parents and doctors who are placing children on puberty-blocking medications and encouraging gender re-assignment surgery – physically and mentally scarring these children for life. They are praised in our media for what amounts to legal child abuse. 40 years ago these people would be under arrest for crimes such as Corruption of a Minor. Are you enraged yet? If you are not, why not? This must stop!