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The March Against Mandates

By, Michelle Hazekamp

January 31, 2022

Fun Filled Adventure for Freedom

On January 23, 2022, I had the privilege of attending the March Against Mandates in Washington D.C. I joined the group Michigan for Vaccine Choice and ventured on a long, uncomfortable bus ride with 101 amazing patriots.

With all these freedom fighters crammed into two buses, there was no doubt it would be a fun filled adventure.

Many of us had never been to D.C. before, myself included, so this was especially exciting for us first-timers even thought we knew we would not be able to enter restaurants, shops and the historical landmarks that are the embodiment of the "freedoms" they represent. Vaccine mandates were in full force, and we were there to let Washington know, "We Will Not Comply!"

Welcome Center Humor

Our journey began with one set-back; our other bus was uncomfortable with their driver, who was driving erratically. We pulled over at a welcome center in Monroe to wait for a new driver. As we poured off the buses, we stampeded the welcome center for bathrooms and a chance to walk around. To our astonishment were signs posted through out the welcome stating that Covid testing was required to enter, and the testing center was outside in the parking lot. Everyone enjoyed a good laugh as most took pictures. The janitors did not seem to mind our humor in the matter, however, the lady behind the brochure counter did not look very happy. Who would have thought you would have to take a covid test to use a restroom?!

United for Freedom

As we stepped off the buses on the day of the march, we glanced upon the Capitol Building in the horizon, with the Washington Monument behind us, where the march would begin. The temperature was 35 degrees, but the bright sunshine made it feel much warmer. We arrived early and crowds had begun to convene. Republicans, Democrats, vaccinated and unvaccinated from all over the U.S. joined in unison for one cause, freedom. The costumes some wore were great, like a man dressed as sheep with a needle sticking out of his arm, Uncle Sam also with a needle in his arm and others along with many great signs messaging to the world that we will not give up our freedoms. (Unfortunately I did not get pictures of these guys). It is estimated 30,000 to 35,000 people attended and it was truly an amazing sight.

Many Experts Speak for Freedom and Truth

The mile long march concluded at the Lincoln Memorial, where we were greeted with music and the many scheduled speakers of the day. J.C. Sears was the MC for the event. He is the long haired, red-headed comedian you may have seen in YouTube videos making fun of all the Covid mandates. Del Bigtree and famous front-line doctors such as Dr. Cole, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Malone and our very own Dr. Christina Parks from Holland, MI, gave amazing speeches on the dangers of the Covid vaccines and the unethical infringement to our rights these mandates embark on. Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke of his shock to churches nationwide that complied with restrictions during the height of Covid-19 even though the mandates had no legal authority behind them. He stated, “It is no accident that we have the First Amendment because our founding fathers wanted us to remain free both from a political standpoint and with our faith. We all watched as churches complied and it has set a very dangerous precedent.” He ended his statement to a loud roar of the crowd, “Every time we comply, we show weakness.”

The most heart-felt part of the whole event was when several Covid vaccine injured people bravely lined the stage and told of their many ongoing struggles. No longer able to work, not eligible for unemployment and their insurance companies refusing to pay their medical bills, these victims have become a casualty of the deep state power grab and the pharmaceutical profit gains. They explained how doctors will not diagnose them, because by doing so, their medical licenses are being threatened. Insurance companies will not cover their medical bills due to no diagnosis. They brought tears to our eyes as we imagined the multitudes of others like them. Many of you may remember a video that went viral on social media of a woman whose whole body shook uncontrollably after receiving the Covid vaccine. She was on that stage, and is still shaking.

Firefighters Unite against Vaccine Mandates

Firefighters from New York, California and all over the nation lined the stage to join the movement against the mandates and take a stand for freedom, as each were fired for noncompliance to the vaccine.

Dr. Christina Parks Gives Powerful Speech

Dr. Christina Parks gave a powerful speech highlighting how the African American community have been disproportionally affected by the virus and the vaccine. African American covid deaths are a third higher than the Latino community and more than double that over the white population. Lack of proper treatment and poor care, if any, also aid in higher mortality rates amongst the black population. Dr. Parks recently experienced this firsthand, as her father died from Covid the day before the march due to lack of proper care and treatment by the medical establishment. Her anger radiated through her speech which made it all the more powerful and emotional. We are all very proud of her bravery and dedication to this fight.

Up Close with Del Bigtree!

Del Bigtree finished the list of headliners as he rallied the crowd by saying, “We are on the right side of history. God created us in His image. Let us get back to our only master, and that is God.” Earlier in the day, we had the excitement of walking past him on the sidewalk. He said "Hi" to me and my fellow companions as I eagerly grabbed for my phone to quickly get a picture.

Are We Making a Difference?

Someone once asked me if I believed these rallies and protests were making a difference. I replied, “Yes. While it may seem to have no impact on Washington or our elected officials as they ignore and censer us, these events reveal how many people are awake to the deception and how big the movement for freedom is. And not only here in the U.S., but what we are witnessing worldwide. They validate the corruption and evil our leaders have succumbed to for the sake of power and money, and their lack of action on ‘We the People’s’ behalf only reinforces our stance as righteous, while they continue to be inhumane and unethical for the purpose of their agenda. For those who know the truth, yet remain silent due to fear of resentment and alienation, being able to see the huge numbers that gather give hope and validation that they are not alone. This hopefully encourages them to stand up and join the movement. There is power in numbers.”

The March Against Mandates displayed a strong stance against the tyrannical powers at play. With the media downplaying the event, as they usually do, we were strong in numbers. We have hundreds of thousands of doctors and experts standing beside us worldwide and more are stepping up every day. The tyrannical leaders of the world may not show it, but they are afraid. And they should be as they have awoken a sleeping giant of which I believe they had no clue as to how big. We will not give up until our freedoms have been restored and justice has been served. January 23, 2022 was a one of many proud days to be an American.



Michelle Hazekamp is a Muskegon County business owner, a Delegate for the Muskegon County Republican Party and Chair of the Communications Committee. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelorette in Science and a minor in History.


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